A Fading Flicker

A Fading Flicker

Sitting silently in the darkness
I watched a candle
begin to fade.
Slowly its illuminating
flicker began diminishing.
Yet, its glow swaggered
from side to side~~~like a solitary dancer
softly taking a few final steps—
the wick no longer
a glow.

For a moment
I held my breath.
“No,” my insides shouted,
but in the painted
black silhouette
smoke began to rise.

I could ‘see’ the many
shadows through the
years gone by.
Maybe, just maybe
until something dies
around us…’within us’
we truly are not ready
to let-go~~~surrender
to the self
waiting to embrace
the formless

When a star dies,
it gifts creation
with ‘carbons’
spreading through the
universe adding to the
abundance of life.

In this darkness
I see the light as
never before.
In its Re-Birth,
there is my endless and eternal Hope.



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