Caffeination A shooting star splashed into my coffee ‘drenching’ me in brewed caffeination— Is that a word? It hardly matters… I’m dripping in a sweet, savory blend of galaxies, universes beyond reach—BUT, NOW they ARE all in my single cup … Continue reading


Wax “I’m melting”… No, not like that infamous line from the green ghoul… I’m melting… so many years the wax spilling over the edge of the candle. The light of my life no longer at its zenith… BUT— slowly I’m … Continue reading

To Thirst

To Thirst Their dangled arms weighted down with stardust which fell from the center of the ‘eye’ adrift in the heavens. One batted lash after another released a storm. As the particles passed beyond ozone layers— they pooled through gravity’s … Continue reading