Sampson…(Hebrew Scripture) Rapunzel, Rapunzel…let down your hair! A fairy tale— Your story, Sampson, anything BUT… Your parents birthed you in their old age~~~ You a gift, a Nazarite…promised never to cut the locks of your strength. Strand upon strand … Continue reading


Leaf(ing) It’s time— I’ve held from a branch that birthed me. I unfolded to wonders unexplained. BUT…it’s time. Time to let go. I’ve been dazzled while dangling— the most inclement weathers enveloped me. Rainstorms— lightning illuminated the veins of my … Continue reading


Vision Vision— ‘moving’ within the        chaos of life   as opposed to pretending it       does not exist. Vision— ‘moving’ through the eye     of the storm and   carrying the gift of loving kindness. … Continue reading