Without a Lens

Without a Lens You stand trying to ‘capture’ the very essence of nature’s natural (panoramic) surroundings. AND, then (without knowing), nature ‘captures’ YOU without a lens revealing the beauty YOU live ‘in’ together.” STILL WATER Men [Women] do not mirror … Continue reading


  Sampson…(Hebrew Scripture) Rapunzel, Rapunzel…let down your hair! A fairy tale— Your story, Sampson, anything BUT… Your parents birthed you in their old age~~~ You a gift, a Nazarite…promised never to cut the locks of your strength. Strand upon strand … Continue reading


Leaf(ing) It’s time— I’ve held from a branch that birthed me. I unfolded to wonders unexplained. BUT…it’s time. Time to let go. I’ve been dazzled while dangling— the most inclement weathers enveloped me. Rainstorms— lightning illuminated the veins of my … Continue reading