Dr. Alexandra Dyer—Roman Catholic Woman Priest

Dr. Alexandra Dyer—Roman Catholic Woman Priest

Fear often leads individuals to commit acts of inhumanity.
Countless persons sit in church pews, sing ALLELUIA and believe in building HIGHER walls
to keep out the poor, the hungry, the abused, the NAKED.

There are those with VISION, listening to their conscience
RISKING to live the transformational GOSPEL MESSAGE.
While many channel Good energy, chaos rears its head.

Courageous individuals stand up—
stand out—listening to their CALL.

The sin of ‘Sexism’ is not an illusion…
more voices need to be HEARD so that more hearts may be OPEN.

Please pray for Dr. Alexandra Dyer—Roman Catholic Woman Priest
and her assailant (a fearful soul).
Alexandra sustained 3rd degree burns when a Drano-like substance was thrown in her face.
The perpetrator remains hidden.

May the scars inflicted WAKE us to SEE…to BELIEVE.  Let us journey together on the road we are called to FOLLOW and may LOVE guide our footsteps.


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