If I…

If I…

If I were
a leaf set on
a branch
of the most majestic
oak tree,
from where would I
wish to dangle?

Would I yearn
to be at the grandest
overseeing the sun’s
rising, viewing
landscapes from all
angles, tasting the
first drops of rain?
Would I ?

Perhaps I would prefer
to be seated on the lowest of branches
‘seeing’ the earth’s floor
and being mindful of the
roots within which I’m planted.
I’d be more visible
and I would gaze out
at passersby
wondering what they were
pondering on this
particular day.
Perhaps, I would?

Maybe I would
wish to be in the  tree’s
middle, ever close to its
I’d be shaded at all
conscious of the light.
I’d be amidst tiny birds
nesting and see their
young hatching.
I’d observe the stretching
of wings learning to
fly and I could not
help but sway in the
wisp of their first
Maybe I?

So, if I were
a leaf…

What branch might
be your perch?



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