Journal/Coast to Coast—Day 2

Journal/Coast to Coast—Day 2

Date: August 23rd Arrival in St Bees Time kept ticking—flying through the night…hours passed—the minutes thread themselves into seconds and on August 23rd, 2017 our descent was made into London.

A distance from our immediate view, Big Ben stood erect~~~a time piece echoing the hours until NOW.  The clanging bell (for a first time) STOPPED…moments seem lifeless.  But, am I more ALIVE in its present-present not ‘clanging’ to time?

I have toyed with this piece…this piece of time—dictating when we should arrive, what time to begin. Time, time, time does not mark the beats of my heart.

My gaze holds the changing patterns before my eyes…my lids wish to close, but a train (the train I am on) slips its way through the green misty country side.  Sheep graze in the fields, bright luminous purple flora laces itself in the grasses. Small shafts of light break the clouds for a splinter of a moment AND, at this ‘time,’ I am held in silence.  So many, the scenes of my life, flash in front of me directing me to where I am and preparing me and my kindred companion for St. Bees and the Indian Sea. Our first steps will begin on Friday—tomorrow, not yet come and like time unheard, I will not rush to fill in the lines waiting to be written.  I will allow the clanging/ceaseless bell in the capsule of THIS temple—time to rest.

Like Ben, I’ll refrain from making any sound and hear the song whose notes make NO sound yet carry a vibration guiding a way that will be followed in a path charted, often unmarked, destined with unfamiliarity yet welcoming us home.




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