Sketch of Myself/ Broken Window

Sketch of Myself/ Broken Window
















“Brokenness is an invitation to see differently” 

Inspired by Walt Whitman’s Poem “Song of Myself”
Pen Sketch by Artist Sandra Mattucci



Sketch of Myself/ Broken Window — 4 Comments

  1. What a fascinating window. I accepted the invitation to see the brokenness differently. An older home, perhaps filled with memories and wisdom. A broken window pane. A window into the Soul of this home? Does it allow us a peek within? Do I allow people to peek within this old home of my being? Reflection of snow sitting softly on a window pane, perhaps even clouds reflected above. Stillness speaks to me.

  2. Very meaningful way to look at myself as a ‘broken window’ therefore not being able to see the whole picture .

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