Sketch of Myself/ Pooh

Sketch of Myself/ Pooh
                           Pooh:  “Sometimes the most interesting conversations
                                                         are had with stuffed fluff.”

Inspired by Walt Whitman’s Poem “Song of Myself”
Pen Sketch by Artist Sandra Mattucci



Sketch of Myself/ Pooh — 2 Comments

  1. I absolutely love this! I shared with my husband a few weeks ago, “I am going to get a Teddy bear to talk to when I come home from work. If I can have it to talk to, and to listen unconditionally, I can process it through completion and enjoy my evening more fully with you”. I now have the Teddy bear and can start this interaction : ) Thanks for the reminder as I had completely forgotten until I receive this “Sketch of Myself”! Divine timing always amazes me. I am filled with gratitude!!!

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