A Bridge

A Bridge

I stood upon a bridge
staring ‘outward’

Before my eyes I witnessed
the trees swaying above my head
I saw the water swiftly moving
beneath my feet

As I gazed to my left
and then to my right
I saw the beginnings of the bridge’s path

What was the beginning?
Or the ending?
Or where the path began?

I sat now upon the bridge
drawing ‘inward’

Suddenly, I realized the “ONE”
created both distinct ends
and calls us
to the middle
the center

To the depths of where both points
meet and there is no longer division—
instead, perfect union






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  1. Spiritmoon7491
    Spiritmoon7491 says:

    We all could dialogue in a common faith that transcends denomination but brings the love together, each wil personal model of faith but none to exclude? Thank you Sandra for sharing your inner regions and creations with us.

    Blessings from e Gulf of Arabia in Oman. Peace in the New Year with no “others” any more.


  2. Apinto
    Apinto says:

    Thanks Sandy and Happy New Year! I love this reflection and for
    me a reminder….Be still, in the middle, and listen. Long ago I heard if we stand in the middle we will be pulled by both sides…..and feel we belong nowhere….but as I grow older I am trying to learn that it is o.k…..just stand still and listen……but need to be reminded!!!!

  3. Pat
    Pat says:

    Sandy, This reminds me of the importance of taking one day at a time — of living in the moment and doing our best (the center). The past cannot be resurrected, and worry about the future is fruitless ( the two ends of the bridge).

  4. Alice Braga
    Alice Braga says:

    The bridge is such a powerful metaphor, and the images complement the words so well. Thank you for sharing your gifts this way.

  5. Beckyflowers3
    Beckyflowers3 says:

    Thanks, Sandy this was great and wonderful to hear from you. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Love ya,

    Becky Flowers


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