A Cry in the Night

A Cry in the Night

A crescent moon
hung in the night’s sky
as the stars danced
in her shadow’s fullness.

I walked
bathed in haunting
silence.  Only the
choir of insects
dared to fill
the hidden emptiness
of unseeing.

Suddenly, in the darkness
two shadows appeared
walking on all fours—
bushy tails leaped in the
air and they departed
into the forest.

It was then—
what seemed for only a moment,
BUT went on for what seemed
an eternity…even the
choir froze ceasing its

A victim of the night
crying out—caught in
the perils of the shadowed figures—

they held on until
the last cry of
the helpless creature
ceased to be.

I walked on
‘holding’ the sound in
my inner depths
praying ‘it’ did know
it was not ALONE
in its farewell
from this Life.

When comes “our” taking
from this world—
AND yes, it will come

may we know our passing
is never ALONE.


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