A Dance with ‘Frigid’

A Dance with ‘Frigid’

The deadening silence
of winter ‘broke’ without a sound
echoing across the terrain’s
frozen dance floor.

I took one small
step and another as I ‘heard’
the frigid Earth
attempting to breathe.
My nostrils stung—
sealed in a tomb
with each inhale.

My legs still swaying—
my body swooning
to the music
I heard in my soul.

I was shivering
but kept on dancing—
‘This’ season, WINTER…
life so empty yet so
down deep.

Tears forming—
liquid moisture in these
plunging temperatures…down, down, down.
The tears skipping
over my pink cheeks
turning into icicles
before breaking
into thousands of pieces
once hitting the floor
beneath my feet—

My final arching twirl
before tucking myself

I blew a frosty
kiss into the air…
it seemed to be caught—
I’m not certain by whom.

Let’s name it ‘Frigid.’
AND—don’t go just yet…
for I’ll never forget
THIS  dance.

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