A Door Closed This Day…And

A Door Closed This Day…And

A door closed this day and
he could barely look me in the face
his eyes could not meet my gaze

The women, they were the first
to open the door
Birth~bearers, streaks of silver lining
in their hair…
They listened…their tears
taught me~~~the spirit flowing

I shared the story
the one from ages past
The book was meant to be in every home
yet never to be opened or read
…because only certain persons
could teach it and share its message

The voices within the book called to
me…create us, so that
others might ‘see
‘we are all ONE and the same’…
Don’t be afraid of the stories

I was called to the young people
preparing to receive the ‘spirit’
Their eyes…PAIN~~~
they knew so little of the story
and understood the message
but were frightened to look at
their story

The man came to me
only after I approached him
offering to share the message

He said…
‘You need a THEME
perhaps change your topic
because the Bible is large’

I looked at his lost expression
change…the story~~~
I can only trust the “spirit’s” yearning

“Perhaps another time”—he said

I told him I understood
I could not change THE WORD
to fit into ‘a box’ of his making
and he turned, closing the door

I stepped outside…
the soft wind kissed my cheeks
the sun blinded my eyes
but there was a shadow
“picking” flowers

The spirit ‘lifted’ my saddened soul

‘Take the petals to those’ who will receive’

Doors close only to open
your being to a deeper fullness and joy

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  1. Hhaines1
    Hhaines1 says:

    Just read your poem which captured beautifully and poignantly the “rejection slip” … that can only be given by sideways glances and patronizing critiques … true marks of an institutional mindset that hopefully is ashamed of the party line but lacks the courage to move beyond it OR one that is arrogant enough to believe that a chromosome determines the only voice the Truth can have.

    I try so hard not to let this kind of “non-sense” steal my energy BUT the violations of your creative spirit, the attempted smothering of your encounters with the Sacred One through our Holy Story, the silencing of your voice to share the magnitiude of the WORD with those so eager to learn a new way of being stir the fires of indignation and rightly so. I pray never to lose the passion to respond to such injustice.

    You know, I just left the TV because the verdict was finally handed down to a Montreal couple and their son for the “honour’ killing of three daughters (one just 13) and the first wife. They were convicted of first degree murder on all counts. The woman who spoke on behalf of a Muslim Women’s group expressed great sadness at the tragedy of the 4 deaths, the tragedy that they were killed by their own family … but she was very clear that the term”honour” has nothing to do with murder. Rather she said the correct term was “Femicide” ( a new word for me & I may be spelling it incorrectly) … but the meaning is clear … the murder of women/girls

    Metaphorically (and historically, not so metaphorically!!) the institutional Church’s attempts at spiritual femicide continue, all in the name of ‘honour’ BUT there are more and more sisters of soul who demand that the closed door be opened and who come out of the shadows to pick flowers in the briliance of a new day.

    Keep speaking your ‘word’ of the Word. Let the petals fall where they may … all on Holy Ground!

    courage, always

  2. Annelouise Simmonds
    Annelouise Simmonds says:

    I particularly like the final line Sandra as it speaks so much to my experience of what is always initially painful – rejection of me and/or my work. Usually, much later I see that the experience has taken me someplace deeper, better, that I could not have imagined. blessings Sister. Anne

  3. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    So beautiful, Sandy. You know that I am a firm believer that doors close for a reason — because there are other doors that need you to open them MORE. So wonderful to see your strength and resolve!

  4. Grace
    Grace says:

    So true, so true and so elegantly spoken in your words. We have to stay the course and not be silenced. As Jesus said if you are not accepted just shake the dust from your sandals and go elsewhere. Institutional rejection gives us the impetus to move on to greater spiritual growth and enables to reach out to all the others feeling this rejection as well.
    Peace and blessings my dear soul friend. Keep up the good work.


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