A Face In the Mirror

A Face in the Mirror

Begin there.

Gaze deeply.

Learn to love
that which is before you.

Is there a crack in
the mirror?
No, it is the
perfect wound of

Let go of
everything that

—you cannot
—you are not good enough
—you are not able.

Let go of past hurts—
acknowledge them as you must
in order to release them.

Painful though they be,
let ONLY joy seep in the
crack of the mirror.

That crack in your
being longs to be
filled…but only with
‘living water’

stretching the mirror
expanding the love
before you.

Yes, love what
is directly in front
of You.

When you reach
and wrap your
arms around THIS
very being

You’ll have no
loving ALL beings

seeing them all
like the sun
and bowing in
blessed wonder.

Behold the face in the Mirror.

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