A Fragile Mind

A Fragile Mind

Perhaps, for
whose encumbered
minds begin to
there is great gain.

Just hear me.
They no longer know
most of all who
‘THEY’ are.
They no longer have to
wonder or question
this ‘BEING’ any longer.
Is there gain in this?

For the on-looker
there is a search…
A pain that ‘they’
may no longer be
known by this ‘OTHER’ (This is their pain)
who brought them to life—
or walked with them
through life as a lover
and a friend.

This time in life
for the fragile mind—
it knows that the fullness of the
moon is quickly melting and
holds on, holding on—

they’ll be cared for (not their material treasures)
THEY will be
looked after—
not abandoned.

It is for each of
us, collectively
and at times
to answer
how ‘we’ will
care for the Ones
in our lives
preparing for their

I pray that in the beyond
they will know
only ‘GOOD’
was shown to them
and love was
the ONLY reason
for what was done.

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