A Heart of ‘Seeing’

Walking upon a soft bed
of cushioned earth
‘the stump’ nearly ‘tripped’ me

Yet, I suppose all
heart moments
cause us to stumble…

I did ‘not’ always ‘see’ them
yet now it seems they
‘find’ me…these heart moments

Realizing how
deeply I need the beat
of its fusion within this
simple body—temple
of a BELOVED”S dwelling

Alas, from my knees I rise
reminding me~~~Get up…quickly
no more confessions

Only the soft ‘feather’ of love
let go, released by a song bird
singing a love song to the One
who sees the heart open, yearning, moving
within the ebb and flow
No longer tussling in the eddy
which captures…holding back spirit

Heart of ‘seeing’
you have known pain, loss
disappointment, sadness—
you have known often without knowing
the depth of love in all the unforeseen

When the Heart is ‘broken,’
love splashes outward
making ‘lighter’ the
inner dwelling
allowing, inviting more
space for love to grow

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  1. Alice
    Alice says:

    Thank you for the gift of seeing through your eyes. And feeling so much love through your poems. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, friend.

  2. Lconnolly
    Lconnolly says:

    Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I have learned to spend my days thinking about things you write about. I truly feel that your words are teaching me to be happy in a loving way. Thanks for being my friend. You came into my life at the right time.


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