A House of Prayer

A House of Prayer

there are ‘no’ locks
on this door…
no sturdy pillars
or stained glass windows.

No saints are carved in
stone nor
wooden crosses
raised high.

No pews
welcome you—
you stand within
an altar…
you are NOW its HOST.

the only hymn heard.
(Oh, listen to the melody—
no notes necessary).

You plant the ‘seeds’
of your being
in the darkness of earth.

Warmed within
by the sun’s heat
beats on the walls…
watering what
will eventually break.

Some seeds
may never sprout—
their dying does not
mean they do not live…
perhaps, their life
already lived.
A newness is birthed
for the ‘ones’
who have come to be
AGAIN, and again,
and again.

This house, this green house
this House of Prayer

—is NOT about worship
—it is NOT about doing…

It IS about Becoming—

It is about
Growing into
who we are.

Bring all the seeds
‘inside’ you…

Nourish yourself in a
House of Prayer.


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