A Laundry Day

A Laundry Day

Give yourself
a laundry day.

Begin by ‘gathering’
ONLY yourself.

Set the water temperature
to a warm, comfortable
setting and step ‘in.’

Reach for that delicate
bar of soap…
Let it caress the outer
layer  of your ‘surface’—
then, add a little softener.

Allow a gentle rinse—
breathe and spin
a few times is all
that is necessary.

Let the cycle come to
an end.
The waters are off—
Drip Dry.

Wring yourself
with a soft towel
before going outside.

Once you’re outdoors
find a place to hang—
I mean—HANG.

Let the moist, dewless
air of the morning
greet you and cover
you with the scent of
a NEW day.

Allow the pollen dander
(sorry if you have allergies)
to coat you—

Come ALIVE as a bee
buzzes near you and a
dragonfly lands on your
shoulder—gazing into
your eyes.
I dare you NOT to hear
it speaking to you.

Bask in the sun’s glow.
Let your body bronze
no matter your skin
For ‘you’ with lighter skin…
find a shaded place.
Oh…but do find some
moments under that
fire ball.

Listen to the orchestra
all around you.
A cacophony of sounds
AND it plays
in harmony…
don’t rush this Laundry Day.

As dusk begins
to make its way in…
take yourself down.
Fold yourself in a
lush comforter.

Close your eyes
and before you nod off—
bow in gratitude
for a Laundry Day.

Once you’ve tried it—
Really tried it—
You’ll ALMOST wish
you could do laundry
















(Visit a Divine Launderer, my friend Suzi Banks Baum—laundrylinedivine.com
she knows Laundry)

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