A Lion’s Roar

A Lion’s Roar

Beneath heaven’s dome
I walked
gazing at the sparkling
jewels overhead—

each glistened casting
hues of universes beyond reach.

Mesmerized, I ‘traversed’
the hidden landscape
until a sudden roar like that of a
lion ripped through the
silky sheet of

The roar did not cease—
it only grew in strength
and in its wake
picked up leaves…
they, like dancers,
whirled about and were pulled into
a tumult of spirals.

I was caught in
‘this’ force.
Another roar attempted to
push me back.
‘We” were like two rams
locking horns…
both of us ‘immovable’
and yet, pushing forward
as if in labor.

A hard ‘drop’
hit my face—
then another and

The torrential spring
casting itself downward
struck my being
until I was soaked.

Dripping, I could not raise
my head.  Still,
I pressed forward
trusting my steps
in the unseeing.

The starry sky was gone—
the black canvas
painted over by
searing clouds.

I stopped—for one brief moment
I felt I was face to
face with the lion…
I realized THEN I was so ALIVE

I joined in the roar.


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