A Musician & An Artist

A Musician & An Artist

A musician and an artist
sat along the fringe of
the sea.

For a long time
words went unspoken.

I’m uncertain
what led them
to glance ‘outward’
at the same moment.

It appeared
they beheld a vision
coming down from
the heavens.
A strand of
eighty-eight keys
laid themselves
between the curls
of waves rolling
themselves over and over.

Then, what looked like a
hand except for the
fingertips—INK PENS.
They dipped into the ivory
and gently caressed
the ebony.

Together, they summoned
the sun to rise.

Every ‘touch’ of a key—
Every ‘dab’ of ink
became a drop—
the drop then became
a part of the pool
brimming with life.

Roots from the bed of
the sea climbed
from the ocean’s depths.

A tree
filled with life
stretched its branches.
How could a tree
grow from the water?
How could the water
appear to be holding
this tree?

The musician looked at
the artist…
The artist gazed at
the musician…

They began laughing aloud.

The musician began to play—
the artist began to sketch—

They ‘drew’ from the
well of creativity

knowing, trusting
its depths—ENDLESS.

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