A New Song

A New Song

The forest pulled back—
pushing aside the leafy branches.

An old fence post…
a tiny crevice…
a perfect ‘fit.’

The couple
chiseled, pecked,
then dashed into the 
woods gathering soft
nettles, tiny twigs
and dampened soil.

In the hush of night,
their feathers
caressed each other—
three delicate eggs

Taking turns,
the new oblong rubies—
never without shelter,
always swaddled in
the curl of wings.

Then, ‘Crack’
another, ‘Chip’…
Unseen to the visible eye,
the wonders of pregnancy—
life brought forth.

The pair scurried
into the trees
bringing with them morsels…
moths, crickets,

Three new voices
open beaks, plunging
necks reaching, expanding
to taste
unfurled desires.

Days passed—
weeks went by.
A new song 
sung by three
little chicks yet to 
life ‘outside’ the nest—
their hid-den cave.

Sitting quietly, I watched
the proud parents.
They would reveal their
‘catch’ to me
and scurry into
the den to feed.

I would strum
a few cords
on my guitar.
 From the fence post,
the duo would swoon
then dip into
open cupboards
of soft dewy grasses
savory delicacies
for their young ones

I knew what 
was to come.
Yet, I could not
help playing
one chord then
a small attempt
to join in 
‘the song.’

The dawn arrived.
I knew
the parents came to 
my step the night 

The first one
‘flew’ out
and stood atop the 
The ‘parents’ perched
calling for the others.
The sweet sounds
made their way
into the wings of 
towering trees.

Silence overcame
this time
chords plucked me
—tears gathered
—my lips parted,
but a song
was not ready to be 

I laid myself down.
My nest seemed to 
have so much more room.
 I slept hoping to
feel a pair of wings
around me.

Walking early,
I reached for my strings—
they sang to me.

I began to envision
all the wonders
the three tiny starlings
were encountering
and I Played on, and on, and on.

When I stopped,
I looked out from my perch.
There, in the branches…
the pair sang.

I knew their song—
It lives in me


Three ‘new’ notes
filled the forest.
A new song


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