A Path Shared…(A Journal) Coast to Coast (C2C)

     The brilliance of a ‘shared’ walk across England (Coast to Coast/August 22-September 14th, 2017), remains like a golden nugget tucked within the heart of a mountain and the valleys of my being’s terrain.

Months ago, I and a fellow Sojourner, traversed this stimulating landscape.  In words, I attempted to capture the daily encounters…the ‘ones’ putting flesh on my soul.

The memories now in the mansions of my dwelling—they are golden gems.  For the next twenty one Mondays I will share some ‘light’ that radiated from the pages of my journal and snapshots that captured my heart.

Welcome to C2C…


                                   A Path Shared…(A Journal) Coast to Coast (C2C)

Day 1

The date: August 22, 2017

   “I live my life in widening circles
                                                that reach out across the world.
                                               I may not complete this last one
                                                     but I give myself to it.

                                   I circle around God, around the primordial tower,
                                          I’ve been circling for thousands of years
                                            and I still don’t know: am I a falcon,
                                                   a storm, or a great song?”

                                                     ~Ranier Maria Rilke~

Yesterday, the day before departing for a journey, a trek, the circle of the sun was overshadowed by the moon. (An eclipse)  The landscape’s horizon grew dim, the birds flew without a song—sparrows dipped in the earth causing the dust to rise and coat their feathers.

Metaphorically, the shadow became my friend who departed her tiny tent of a being on August 12th.  In my arms, she drew her last breath and I breathed part of her within me—

I felt her in the shadow—emblazoned in the sun…she has become sun, clouds, dusk and dawn~~~she is ALIVE in all things and as I write it is NOT metaphorical—her ‘BEING’ is in everything and the Divine paints itself in this grief~~~my heart broken and so full of life.  I write upon a blank canvas.  Yes, these words which, perhaps, make no sense still flow as I sit within a cage waiting for the gate to open.  I will fly across a pond…a light glowing in the distance. The light circles revealing its fullness and welcoming the shadows as they pass in between the brilliance of light uncharted.

So, just who am I?

Am I a falcon, a storm or a great song?  Maybe I’m something completely other than these three BEINGS or maybe a part of me IS the falcon~~~wings in flight, carried by the storm swirling in my soul AND the song unfolding revealing who I AM as I walk a path—A trail called Coast to Coast (C2C) and this time I walk with a companion, a soul friend whose voice is solace, whose presence is gift, whose story writes itself in between the pages of my life.  Will we ever be the same?  I think NOT.  How can one be if one enters into the fullness of a journey yet unseen, but already begun?

So many questions impregnate my hollowed dwelling~~~ the questions echo within the chambers of my heart…they crackle through the cage of my ribs, they plunge into the blood running through my veins.  Answers no longer suffice—all I’ve been taught, studied, believed in…GOOD—but, no longer carry the relevance they once held.  I’m fine…perhaps, more than fine, in all UNKNOWING…no more pretending everything makes sense!  Sense is not what I seek.  Instead, what I seek—the ability to LIVE each day grasping life’s lessons~~~ allowing me to awaken, inspiring me to see that the wheat and the weeds within the garden of my life grow purposefully.  The wheat lives in me, the weeds live in me and they dwell together.  When the harvest of my life comes, I pray I see the wheat & weeds as anything but separate…their roots allow me to hold to the grounds of life.

I carry so many persons on this passage.  The weight of my backpack—not heavy.  The more I remember as I make my way, the more I trust the lightness of my steps.  Together, my friend and I will be led…heaven knows it is how we are here—NOW!  It has BEGUN.


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