A Perfect Contradiction

A Perfect Contradiction

Once a seed
held in a bed
of dark, liquorice soils—
you ‘broke.’

You, already ALIVE
pulsing, surging,
taking in sustenance.
You pushed softly,
until your delicate
burst from Earth’s womb.

Inhaling life,
—you stretched
—you reached
—you expanded.

Enveloping the sky,
you bathed in the light of the sun.
You wrapped yourself in
the crescent moon
and glistening stars.

your rings unfolded.
Your task in this world
if, it be termed a task—
to Grow.

Each day
you trust what is
needed to allow you to be.

Season upon season,
you have been bent,
reshaped, broken by storms,
healed by soaking rain.
You rested while snowflakes
gathered around you
until you burst with buds
painting the world
green beneath a sky,
blue as an ocean.

Waves of clouds
gathered to greet you—
welcoming you to
THIS time.

A cycle of perfect
You stand…

Life, death and rising
again and again
in a fashion
unduplicated by a human hand.

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