A Potter’s Field

A Potter’s Field

Let’s begin
by removing the
Elephant from
the room.

I’m certain you’ve
heard the cliche’.

there is ‘space’

the Potter’s Field
was ONLY open
to foreigners.

You know—
the social misfits…
the ones who did
not belong.

Oh, let’s just say it—
today’s homeless,
prostitutes, illegal aliens,
I think we could name
many more.

The Potter’s Field
was purchased for
30 silver coins—
today it is known
as the Field of Blood.

A burial ground
for the outcast—
the Ones not ‘chosen’…
the Ones NOT in the
right group.

The 30 silver coins
a temptation
for the fellow
who walked beside
hoping he would
bring about change.

He did not
grasp the ‘message’
his brother delivered—
Have we truly understood it?

His pain so deep
he returned the silver coins
BUT the tempters
could not take back
what had been given.
They wanted to
BUT they did not want
blood on their hands—
easier to find the ‘scapegoat’.

Consequences so dire…
The Potter’s Field
soils ‘holding’ foreigners—
it is no wonder
that ‘they’ surely will

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