A Practice

A Practice

I’ve heard it said
that singing is like
‘praying’ twice.

As an artist
who likes to breathe
life onto a page of
blank paper,
I believe creating
works of art is
like praying for a
first time…again and again.

A naked canvas—
a sheet of ’emptiness’
waiting or waits
for a touch of a pencil’s lead—
a stroke of paint from
a silky brush—
an uncapped pen splashing
with color.

The artist,
perhaps an ‘image’ in mind,
only discovers ‘something’
completely different
once let loose of
‘thought’ and the freedom
of expression

a masterpiece
the artist whispers,
“From where inside did
this come?”

The work
may be seen by a few
or by many—
or perhaps by no one.

Yet, someone does
this the reason to go
on creating.

This is prayer.
A practice inviting
the person time and again
into sacred nothingness.

Excuses hold ‘one’
back from ‘union’—
that which we seek most
or what most seeks us.

and then in the silence
You simply might hear—
‘Alas, you have come.’

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  1. Carol D.
    Carol D. says:

    Thanks for the prayer this week…. A while back Edwina pointed out that my humble attempt at filling canvases is my Gift and accept it and grow ….. This week you (and the Spirit) are encouraging me to love the gift and just do the best I can…
    Thanks for traveling with us all…. Blessings, Carol


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