A Rock and Flower

A Rock and Flower

A Rock and Flower
sat nestled
inside one another.

One day Rock spoke,
“Flower, do you believe I’m
stronger than you?”

Flower paused a moment
and reflected aloud.
“When soft rains come
nourishing my roots
they push themselves
without effort cracking
the rock I’m now
growing within.”

Rock was silent.

Flower decided to ask
Rock a question.
“Rock, do you believe I’m
more beautiful than thee?”

Rock stood still, then said,
“Flower, you are absolutely
majestic and still,
I am as pure as the most stunning vase
your natural elegance.”

Flower was at a loss for words.

After some time
Rock and Flower
sitting in each other’s stillness

Rock said, “Flower you are
so strong.”
Flower replied, “Rock you
are so beautiful
and they ‘held’ onto
the gift of their Unity

as the raindrops
began to fall.

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  1. Maddie Tremblay
    Maddie Tremblay says:

    Elegant, beautiful, imaginative and loving, as always!

    Your spirit shines through all that you do.

    Much love to you!


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