A Season of Change

A Season of Change

I have watched
the seasons come
and go.

They have changed
and so have I.

The large Oak
rooted in the forest
—a broken branch
—its torso reshaped by wind
—leaves come and gone
only to be reborn
in ‘another’ new season.

The tree stands, for now,
as do I.

All the other trees…
pines, maples, birches, weeping willows,
they, too…stand.

The trees~~~
they call NO attention
to themselves.

They ‘face’ the seasons—
all the different
weathers—and, simply
say “yes” to a
silent voice ‘birthing’
life into newness
each day
—an ever unfolding
‘incarnation’ of mystery.

The change of seasons
mindfully calls
me to its passing.

I’ve harvested
what has grown inside
my interior shelter.
I have released what I
no longer need to carry.
I have quieted myself
for moments to listen
and I have painted images
at times, in word,
adding flesh to
the exterior of my

Changing—I have become
the Seasons…
a solitary speck
joined with every sand
crystal washed ashore
and pulled back out with
the tides.

Something far larger than I
lives in my marrow
and collectively calls me—
speaks to me
in this dance…this Season of Change.

I simply, divinely
am living ‘in’
each step
until they be no more.

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  1. Arlene Kosmatka
    Arlene Kosmatka says:

    Thank you for this beautiful reflection on my birthday. I truly felt gifted and blessed by your words.

    Peace and Care,


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