A Season of Change

A Season of Change

The leaves
draped in gold, orange & red
begin to fade.

An array of colors
captures the hearts
of endless leaf ‘peepers’
appearing from all directions.

How haunting
the duplicity of this time…
we marvel at beauty
and in reality we behold death.

Yes, the season of summer vanishes
while it ushers in a time of rest.

Some of us will seal our windows,
close our doors,
hunker in
for that long
never ending
season of winter.
(did I really write the word?)

Will we, like the caterpillar,
begin to artistically weave
our cacoon
trusting in the unknown
that AWAITS us?

Will we find the moments
to be still
and allow our color
to fade…

AND, then
when spring bursts,
discover our own

Can we prepare ourselves
to ‘dim’ down
and glisten
when it is the TIME?

Shall we build our
tents mindful
what holds us


will also allow us to
BREAK free…

Beginning then ANEW.

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