A Table for Two

A Table for Two

He sat at the table…
what seemed minutes,
were the passing of hours.

He ‘looked’ over—
there she was.
So many memories ago…
her smile caressed his heart.

He asked if she’d join
him at this exact table.
She said, “yes.”
They sipped lattes,
ate biscottis—
laughing, talking as
if they’d known each
other for a life-time.

Years would pass—
they would come to
this table and sit.
You could see the glee
in his eyes…
Her smile held him
and she never tired
of his hand wrapped
around hers.

New responsibilities, their children,
took them from the table.
Yet, they still made time
for a sip of java
and walked away in
each other’s arms.

More time had passed—
silver streaks painted
their hair.
They sat at their table—
No words exchanged…
for some reason the words
no longer necessary.
The language of their lives
TOGETHER spoke volumes.

More time to sit again—
their children, adults…
out in the world creating
their own pathways—
finding their own TABLE.

Today he sat…
the chair across from him
empty.  He looked as if
she’d be there any
minute now.

Silently, tears fell from
his eyes.
He sipped a drink
asking for a little
extra sugar.
It still had a bitter taste
to it but he could
REMEMBER everything.

He left the table
not quite finishing his
something, someone
touched his hand.

He looked back—
and knew her presence
there the whole while.

He walked on
down to the cemetery
and he held her
laughing deep within.

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