A Vessel

A Vessel

The horizon’s line
so far off—

The first row
of clouds moved in—

The waves began
to heighten
sprayed without landing
and the next rush
of water
stormed in.

One drop—
then another…
at first a sprinkle—
then an endless

My vessel
tossing to and fro—
reaching, but nothing to
hold onto…
absent—any line to
attach to.

I was lost…
lost at sea.

No compass—
No direction—
I felt ‘some-thing’
nibble at my feet—
‘some-thing’ else
grabbed a bite—
I cried out…but who HEARD?

There was a strike…
I had no idea what
it was—
I was out.

When I awoke
the sea was calm…
the sky was a mirror
of orange and red hues.

This vessel—
carried me.

How could I ever be
separate from
‘this’ ship
that holds my sail.

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