A Wedding Feast In Cana

A Wedding Feast In Cana

Did you hear?
A wedding feast in Cana—
what a celebration it was—
they actually ran out of wine.

We know a woman was there.
For ‘some’ reason she took
it upon herself to go and
tell her son—
Yes, he was at the wedding as well.
But, she told him the sacred juices
had run dry!

Wait…you want to know whose
wedding this was?
Where was the Bride?
Was the mother in the story
addressing the groom?
Was his Beloved
hidden behind a veil?
The fear of exposing her could lead
her to the same
torturous death her Beloved
would face…
His death—a result of the
‘sin’ in the world.

The curtain in the Temple
torn in two…
But, wait—back to the wedding.

She who is
is the one behind the veil
secretly removed from the story.
Yet, she is in between each line.

What is this I’m saying?
Blasphemy…I hear it.
Another fairytale—
Yet, perhaps there are “truths”
in these fables.

The Beloved seeks union
with the one behind
the veil.

A wedding at Cana—
A communion of love.
A Gospel Message
longing to restore balance & harmony.

She waits…a reunion—
A time, once again for
the veil to be torn in two.

Time for New Wine.



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  1. Ann Pawlik
    Ann Pawlik says:

    I absolutely LOVE this piece. When I first read it this morning, I did a “read through” and said to myself, “Aha, a scripturally based story with ponderings and thoughts from your recent pilgrimage. Reading it again, I can “see” in my mind’s eye exactly what you have written. I visualize a woman “hidden” with perhaps only her eyes being exposed. I imagine her cautiously watching and waiting; moving ever so quietly, but watching and waiting. I can “feel” the anticipation of the bride waiting to be revealed to her Beloved and I sense her joy at finally being by her Beloved’s side, the veil “torn”, a face revealed, a love acknowledged and reciprocated. Wonderful work, my dear friend. And the photo at the end, beautiful!


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