Sandy’s life resembles a kaleidoscope.  Many different interests have stirred her heart but none more powerfully then her care for the Creator.  Her desire to help others drew her to embark on a journey of hospital chaplaincy where for 20 years+ she vested herself to care for persons who were facing the most vulnerable moments of their lives.

Her life long dream to become a police officer led her to make a major career shift & embrace another life—giving way.  This quest, too, shaped her as she continued to weave the threads of mystery and beauty into life around her.


Her care for ALL of creation led her on unique adventures to Africa and to the caverns of the Grand Canyon.  It was while she was “down” in the inner ‘holy’ womb of the Canyon, that Sandy began to stretch, without seeing, all that was unfolding in her heart.

Sandra’s life is a living Pilgrimage…

She walks with ‘new’ steps each day, bringing to life poetic words placing them on pages alongside her photography.

Within her blog, a museum of beauty reveals itself. Read her Camino de Santiago Journal.
Plunge into her site and savor artistic expressions ever unfolding.