ABRAHAM (Hebrew Scriptures)















ABRAHAM (Hebrew Scriptures)

‘Your descendants shall be as numerous as the stars in the sky’

so faithful to your father, Terah, whose name
connected with the moon goddess, taught you
the love of creation~~~all things.

You stayed by his side listening, stretching,
mindful of an existence beyond the reach of
your own ‘heart’ and yet dwelling/residing in your own being.

You did not leave him until his death…
You had to set out then on your own…
You had to find your own path.
Don’t we all?
We are drawn by, encouraged by, led by the paths of
we must risk
stepping one foot at a time upon a path uncharted
and open ourselves to endless discoveries.

Who would have thought?
Your first son, you held him in your arms.
Ishmael would carry out your promise…received.

Yes, yes Isaac we know~~~he came much later.
Sarah…so lovely and yet her heart crusted
over by her own ability to gift you and then only to
take it away. And yes, even rid you of your joy.
Her humanness.

Your own humanness when faced with adversity…
“Sarah, tell them I’m your brother and not your
Husband”—In reality, she was your half-sister.

Yahweh walked with you, BUT you did not trust~~~
You tried to make things right…
The One Source of life always present
placed a ram caught in a thicket…
Sacrifice~~~no, the Source would never ask you
to give up your son, your child…
You already did that with your first son
and did this not haunt you?

How human we all are…
Your story, our story—
mistakes made
unrevealed graces for tomorrow.

Yes…tomorrow~~~our today’s.
Simple stories…your name
changed to ABRAHAM~~~’wanderer.’
Chapters unwritten—your message real.
We, your descendants,
Stars poured down to earth…

Your father knew this in his ancient ways
and you rediscovered your rootedness
in your ending from earthly life to
re~birth in death…

Abraham…the One you found in the
desert had always dwelt within you.















“Glance at the sun
See the moon and the stars.
Gaze at the beauty of earth’s greenings.

Now, think.
What delight God gives to
humankind with all these things.

Who gives all these shining,
wonderful gifts, if not God?”

                             Hildegard of Bingen


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