Alabaster Jar

Alabaster Jar

An alabaster jar
sits empty upon
an unknown shelf—somewhere.

Three tiny flowers are
dipped in its
hollowed walls
while the sweet
scent of perfume
lingers upon the
jar’s smooth lips.

Yes, lips that once
poured out their
fragrance upon a
body being made
ready for its burial.

A Beloved follower—
‘She’ knew~~~BELIEVED
the words spoken.
Her heart broke open
as the ‘expensive’ perfumes
mused with her tears and
fell ever so gently
upon His feet.

Her hair
desperately attempted to
dry the ‘balm’
comforting His being.

A moment of
—sweet fragrance
—lifeless wonder
—eyes opened.

The Alabaster Jar…
I believe I smell its
lingering aroma—still.

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  1. Carol D.
    Carol D. says:

    Monday Mornings have not been the same since I started receiving your emails… Thank you.. I smell the sweet smell each time I go to my garden and put my nose over one of the new blooming flowers our God has put out for me each day…
    Your pics are wonderful —- I hope you don’t minds if I attept to paint one..
    Have a glorious day…. Carol D.


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