You think
simply looking at me
that I am gone…
only my life-less branches

But, I tell you—
I AM alive.

The color surrounding me—
The blue sky
moistens my aged bark.

The brown soil~~~
my bedrock.

Down, deep~~~
the silent darkness
the womb of my being
 is from where I began.

My roots stretch
so far down—
the naked eye does not see.

So many dispel the dark—
cast it off as something not ‘good.’
Yet, it is from the 
spring of blackness
light became

In Oneness, dark and light
blend the Universe
beyond our narrow ‘scopes’
of belief.

So, NOW,
look at me again.

Even if I one day fall
to the earth—
I will rise again.


If I gave you the
answer—would you
really believe?


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