Aloha…A Hawaiian Journal/ Day 11

Aloha…A Hawaiian Journal/ Day 11
September 14th, 2018


His name…


His office along side
the sea.

He picked his rock,
his office chair, on this
particular morning.

He brought large palms
pure green.

Before he began to ‘weave,’
—he laid out his ‘good’ book
—a few precious stones
and a tiny vase
holding a single flower.

He placed some crumbled
crackers on the stones
beside him.

One by one they arrived—
and then zebra doves.

They definitely knew Dave
I mean David.
If he did not tend first to his clientèle,
a turbulence more alarming
than the sea began.

David wove ‘hats’—
covers for the hot sun.
His craftsmanship…pure elegance.

His price…whatever you could place in his
empty cup.

David’s business practice
some would say was a tad unethical.
He quoted a few short verses he knew
by heart…yes, from his ‘good’ book.

I did not purchase a cover for my head,
but I left something in the cup.

David put his forehead to mine.
Looking directly into my eyes,
I held his gaze…he held mine.

No verses in this moment…

David said, “A”…exhaling
then continuing the breath after a
silent pause, he went on “LOHA.”


The island greeting…

I think the most beautiful prayer
I ever heard.

I left David’s office.
I glanced back after
walking a few steps.

David waved
as did I.

He went back to his work…

and, while I am writing
this prose
along side the sea,

I’m just beginning to
understand the work
that is mine to do.

David and I understand
office space…

I think I need to leave more


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