Aloha…A Hawaiian Journal/Day 2

September 5th, 2018…Day 2 (Vancouver B. C.)

In This House…

There are many mansions.

Four walls
paper thin—cardboard thin.

Shiny black outside…
Inside…I barely make out the face—
Hands folded…
stained with wear and tear.

All day
this human being
carried earthly treasures
from place to place


settling before the tallest
mansion in the city,
gold, silver and luxury

persons come
and go…
do they even see
the cardboard mansion?
The prince or princess
who resides within?

No one says,
“Be gone with you!”
Perhaps, some leave a
few scraps for the
evening banquet.

No linens cover the
floor, no knives or spoons or forks

yet, hands folded
within this mansion.

Are we as ‘prepared’
as is this ‘soul’
for what is in store?

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