Aloha…A Hawaiian Journal/ Day 4

Aloha…A Hawaiian Journal/ Day 4 (Setting sail from Vancouver B.C.)
September 7th, 2018

The Brown Tent

Deep shadows of brown—
the soft leathery hide
of this tent.

Held inside a forest
beneath shades…hidden.
Reflections cast in every
direction that was
outside this house.

A gentle knock
on its canopy…
the zipper gave a tad.

Stepping more closely
extending a hand in word—
the zipper lifting another notch.

In the doorway
pausing, listening,
a forest now visible
through the trees.

This man
not touching, but
allowing the space
between us to close in.

His story
a ballad…
A note of enslavement
followed by exile…
So many ‘grounds’ walked upon…
making his way
often alone
his family in his memory
mindful always holding gratitude.

Life…his teacher.
He sat in classrooms.
He knew the language of love
held within the beliefs of
his religion.

A family of his own…

He spoke of passing…
death’s pathway
the stars beyond.

He spoke of blindness,
humility, giving without

He led us to the path
where we would part…

Turning his face,
he ‘lifted’ the shades.
In his eyes the rays of
light filled the
space which held us…
his soul revealed.

We sat a long moment.
Our hands lay on the
indentation of where our hearts lie

No more words…
only the soft beating
of our hearts in union…
they echoed
each other.

I walked on.
The brown weathered tent
in the distance.

I donned my shades.
A tear fell
from behind the lens.

We all have a story
‘a pearl of great price’…


when we listen
to another’s sacred path,
we are never the same to be.

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