Aloha…A Hawaiian Journal/Day 5

Aloha…A Hawaiian Journal/ Day 5
September 8th, 2018
A Pin Cushion

How ‘funny’ metaphors
come to be.

How it is our minds
paint images revealing
something held ‘deeper’ inside
well beyond the frameworks
of the rational mind.

So many needles poking
in this vast cushion.
Aboard a gigantic vessel docked
at the sea’s side—
NOW, in the middle of this ‘cushion’—the sea,
the vessel, a single head of the needle…
a pin prick.

Still, there are so many
heads upon this needle.

I am being ‘poked’ ceaselessly
as I ‘discover’ a room.
I am stitched into this tapestry
at times
threading the needle
before the string almost runs out.

I am this string
dangled from this needle
and, alas
a piece of cloth
holding my stitch.

Silence ensues…
Drops of rain
dump into the moistened cushion—
Rays pour down upon its damp
surface followed by
blankets of swimming clouds
casting shadows pouring
below seamless depths.

I dive in—
HERE I am home
tossed by the sea.

I am drowning in delight…
The only sounds the
soft waves crashing into the sides
of this dancing ship.

Rocking, rocking, rocking…
the ‘cushion’ I am upon
invites me, “Look out.”

Drenched in the tears
of this metaphor,
so much more to say
or maybe the words
have found a way to sink in

into this cushion.

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