Aloha…A Hawaiian Journal/ Day3

Aloha…A Hawaiian Journal/ Day 3

September 6th, 2018 (Vancouver B.C.)
                                                                  Spy Hop

The mountains lured
and the sun rose upon
the satiny surface of
the water’s black skin.

Oars caressed
‘her’ undisturbed silence
which seemed to be growing
with anticipation to reveal
all the comforts in this
home…THIS House—

One room—
no doors or windows
no locks or traps to
hold anyone or anything
at bay.

Her tempest—calm.
This morning,
as a seagull
devours a scrumptious
breakfast of juicy crab meat,
my eyes wandering—
I felt ‘some-thing’…
it moved closer and ‘still’

A face filled with the softest
whiskers, black pupils
like shiny marbles twirling
held my serene stare.
I ‘slide’ upon her soft, rubbery-like hide—
Her body not ‘in’ this house,
but at one in this place.

I sat in a pew—
she dipped down.

The boarding began.
The sun kissed my face
the soft breeze sent shivers
down my spine.

I would soon
begin to tingle as
‘presence’ revealed itself…

We arrived at their Table
Salmon rose from the sea
as suddenly
a majestic dorsal fin
split the surface
followed by another
and another.

We were in a circle
of the grandest communion.

I wished my eyes
would not blink…
How to capture the moment?

Was she thinking the same thing?
Her body lifting from the water,
HOLDING itself…
observing the congregation
…they call it a spy hop.

Did this really happen?

Again, she soared
this house, this cathedral
the seagulls—the choir.
The incense rose…
The very breath released
from the port hole of the Orca
each time it surfaced .

in this place
I have been broken
enough to taste
and receive
a Divine ‘Oneness’

leading me back
to shore
inviting me to live
this blessed sacrament.



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  1. Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie says:

    Wow! I feel like I am in Hawaii with you. So sacred, inviting, absolutely precious. Thank you for sharing with those of us who do not have eyes to see as you do. I am truly Blessed though, for I have ears to hear.


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