Ashes & Fire

Ashes and Fire

are embers
set ablaze~~~
ignited upon our
entry into
the vast mystery
we call

Sparks ascend—
at one time
there existed a
living inferno…
yet, ‘some-thing’
smothered the flame.

Call it what
you will—
(don’t waste time debating what it is or was),
but notice
all the
‘ashes’ left
years gone by.

Voices from our
past breathe
through the soils of time
reminding us
‘we’ are now
the light.

What will you
do with the
bubbling up inside you?

A volcano
waits, and waits,
and waits.
It knows not
the time the
lava will at last
‘freeing’ itself
(its natural flow).

This moment—
this NOW
needs your
to rise…rise
up from the black

the old
hidden self
buried beneath the
‘Capture’ the air.

Light this
world awaiting
the YOU that
you were
already born ‘into.’
















Inspired by the writings of Emily Dickinson

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