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Alive You think simply looking at me that I am gone… only my life-less branches remain. But, I tell you— I AM alive. The color surrounding me— The blue sky moistens my aged bark. The brown soil~~~ my bedrock. Down, deep~~~ the silent darkness the womb of my being  is from where I began. My […]

Drops of Color/ Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Drops of Color Ruth Bader Ginsburg March 15, 1933 —September 18, 2020 May the rays which extend through her shadow’s passing, ignite within us a passion —to bring truth to light, —to forge peace, —to live justly, and to humbly walk with the ‘Source’ of life seen in ‘countless’ faces, cast from a host of […]

Drops of Color/ A Treasured Map

Drops of Color A Treasured Map I have sought a treasure— a hid-den gem unseen and, yet, visible —so I’m told. I’ve spanned countless miles on foot… Endless terrain. I’ve followed endless maps. I’ve utilized devices pointing the way. Did I find the treasure you ask? Well… Here is what I can tell you~~~ When […]


Beloved Eyes painted with stardust. Suddenly a ballad playing itself caused me to rise. A flutter of strings accompanied by pecks upon keys— was this a dream? Wrapped in my comforter, a soft feather caressed my brow. I held open the palms of my hands to  receive this prayer and, I felt the soft wings […]

A Footstool

A Footstool Lying prostrate before two feet, they appear as if giant roots curled like fingers into the earth’s masses. If I glance skyward, I trust the mighty arms— endless branches lifting as if in praise and adoration. Today, my face lies in the deep darkness of mud…crusted, cracked and my lips kiss the soils~~~soft, […]

Drops of Color/ Stuffed Bear

Drops of Color Stuffed Bear I remember a time you were the one who was always there —always near. I held you ever so closely. As the years passed, your stuffing started coming out. You never said anything. Your eyes looked into mine and the two of us cuddled closer. There were those long nights […]


Edge There it was— a diving board. Well, it looked like one. I have lived on this  ‘edge’ a long while. The views— endless, effortless. My ‘gaze’ held in these moments. So many clicks— My lashes like a camera lens. One photo, then another. The panoramic view could not be captured in a single  shot […]

Drops of Color/ What Matters

Drops of Color What Matters The earth rolled itself— a small marble gliding in infinite space. From my perch, the sun began to greet a new dawn. I held the rays spanning beyond directions until the inferno of flame ignited the sky. Staring into the sun, my pupils engulfed in wonder— I closed my eyes. […]

Drops of color/ Lady in Blue

Drops of Color Lady in Blue I never knew you, yet you showed yourself to me on the street…in a far off land. You were painted in chalk. Your eyes sparkled—captivating me. Still…I had NO idea just Who was gazing into me. I sketched an image of you to place within these words of mine […]

The Sailing ‘Soul’

The Sailing ‘Soul’ Today the winds  swept the sea. White coats curl between blue sheets mirroring the sky— its reflection. A furrowed sail… THIS I found myself to be. Here, it mattered not—the tempest. Becoming a sail, was I, in this encounter. THIS my soul unfurled. Moving east  then west… I held a moment to […]

Drops of Color/ A City on A Hill

Drops of Color A City on A Hill There is a city at rest upon a hill. Persons come from all directions to visit this place. When they look out, they can SEE a vastness beyond words. Many purposely come to  visit the two Basilicas dwelling in this city. One Basilica enhances the Sacred Masculine— […]


  Altered The bed of grass like a hay-field— parched, lifeless, longing for a brief morsel of ‘any’ sustenance to give it a chance to sway. No-thing came to fill the void.  Then,  a quick jostle from nowhere. The sound was like a freight-train pulled along a track without the engine running. It whipped through […]

Drops of Color/ I See

Drops of Color I See Legs dipping under then quickly—reach up, and outward. Higher and higher the wind attempting to catch-up. I breathe~~~ ‘in.’ My feet caress the soft grass as I cascade above its feathery green blades. I breathe~~~ ‘out’ closing my eyes. In between breaths, the silent gap. My eyes wide open… NOW […]


Preacher How I love your wooden pulpit… the etchings look like living veins. Even more, I love your sermons. Without words… you sit upon your perch surrounded by leaves. I hear your unspoken whispers in the wind. What’s it like in the tree tops to see the rising sun? That ball of flame— is it […]

Drops of Color/ Who Are You?

Drops of Color Who Are You? Interesting, you gaze at yourself through a shattered piece of glass. Now, that’s telling! But what is being ‘acted?’ Are you putting on colors or whipping them off? Who did you make yourself out to be? Certainly, the world loves a clown. Underneath, there is still you. I think […]

When I Despair…

When I Despair… When I Despair… I go out beneath an infinite sea of blue sky —and plunge in. When I Despair… my arms begin to stroke the clouds, using them to carry me on, and on, and on. When I Despair… I lie down in green meadows. I become a ‘blade’ alongside many —not […]

Drops of Color/ Kneeling

Drops of Color Kneeling Kneeling earnestly in silence beside a bed. Listening… No words flow. Something seems to have lifted a latch to a gate and a gentle stream rushes through. I hear the roar of a river gripping the rapids. White caps drench me as I hold ‘in’ stillness. A calm ensues glazing the […]

These Houses

These Houses These Houses These Houses display many colors. Some the same hue yet, always an appearance changing pending the time of day. Shadows split open the windows and the shades lift without a handle being pulled. At times— colors are not  detected, especially if from a distance. But, when a shooting star spills from […]

Drops of Color/ Finding a Balance

Drops of Color Finding a Balance The sun held the blue ceiling laced in rays. The soft green strands of hair rooted in earth stood as if their performance was on-going. Center stage a pink feathered actor dipped, tucked, and stood eloquently balanced on one leg. The sun began its bow westward illuminating the light […]


And… when I have lost you, I’ve gone off searching. Even the darkness could not dispel my endless quest. Through howling winds and crackling branches, the ebb and flow of a river’s  rhythmic dance, I lifted rocks and splashed through puddles. I climbed high— descend low and traversed in between all that is between AND […]

Drops of Color/ Black Velvet

Drops of Color Black Velvet For too long persons have split darkness from light. Shadows have been painted at times, as evil. Yet, when one is ‘blinded’ by the light, no one speaks ill. A galloping silhouette casts from a beam radiating a golden glow. Unseen hoofs—beat. A black velvet mane hovers in the wind. […]

With This Ring

With This Ring I was pulled  like a magnet. The light, a burning flame. My eyes could not turn away. I was blinded, yet, I could see a ring around the sun. The ring, a kaleidoscope of colors. My eyes blinked and blinked like a set of windshield wiper blades trying to clear what was […]

Drops of Color/ The Wheel

Drops of Color The Wheel Like the Seasons, the wheel circles —dipping down —drawing in     the endless drops     that fill the spring. A sudden rush~~~ water swirling —spinning the wheel —holding barrels    of sustenance     for only so long. NOW, the wheel spills like a waterfall releasing its content […]

A Telescope

(Excerpt from a Journal/Camino St Francis #1/September 2019) Telescope When I was a child, I looked out through a telescope gazing at stars…dancing fireflies. I tried to catch one… didn’t work—I tried again and again. Trust, look at my knees. I tumbled, fell and  I laughed. The stars seemed to shine more brightly the more […]

Drops of Color/ In the Back

Drops of Color In the Back Is this a poem I’m beginning? Is it a conscious moral inventory? Black words are spilling across a white background. The ‘words’ are the fruit splashing from a pen. I’m a white woman. Yes, a white, retired Peace (Police) Officer. I’ve undergone countless hours of training. Defensive tactics were […]


Swinging In the night, I drift and often wander. These moments —silence like a clap of thunder —lightening striking an     unseen place in my Soul. In this dwelling place, I reach for your hand. I realize both of your  arms have been waiting —waiting to wrap themselves around me. I close my eyes. […]

Drops of Color/ In this House

Drops of Color In this House… there are mansions…MANY. On the outside, a bare wall— you can see leakage. A door tarnished. An empty chair, brooms, buckets, shovel, a hose and a single pair of clogs. Inside… She’s setting a fire —a steaming cup of tea placed beside her rocker. She is in from her […]


Fashioned Look Look above ~~~a cornfield of blue flowers  laced with delicate linen designs. The artist weaves a needle and the sky is fashioned. Look Look below ~~~a shaggy rug each strand lifting as if greeting a long awaited friend. Embracing affectionately, they become fashioned to one another ~~~they roll in the cushioned earth of […]

Drops of Color/ A Few Stones

Drops of Color A Few Stones There were a few stones in the sack. Gems— always in place in case… in case a predator seized upon one of the woolly lambs. This time— there was a Giant. A large ‘flock’ needed protection. A few precious stones pulled from a pouch and launched~~~ A Giant fell. […]

Do you know Her?

Do you know Her? Recognize her? You think she’s homeless– right? We don’t want the  likes of her in our neighborhood. She is not allowed where we live~~~ her ‘likes’ don’t give off  positive energy. Right? Well, I decided to  follow her… From a distance. When she rose from her bed of rock, she pulled […]

Drops of Color/ I Can’t Breathe

Drops of Color I Can’t Breathe… As I write these three words, I keep hearing the sounds of  the hammer driving three nails into the flesh of an innocent man. I hang my head—my lament so raw. Unraveling the words, my white, feminine flesh spills black ink from a pen. I do not know how […]


Leonardo He arrived— as if out of Nowhere. In a ‘way,’ we summoned someone to drive around the bend to transport us to the location we originally sought.  We walked in the opposite direction~~~through forests and orchards of horse chestnuts, tobacco fields, grape vines, peach trees. Our sole purpose~~~ to visit what I would name, […]

Drops of Color/ Built on Water

Drops of Color Built on Water The house was not built upon sand… Nor did ‘rock’ hold the weight of an array of limbs and twigs. The branches were laced, intertwined, woven together on a bed of water. Yes, this house built upon a weightless stream running slowly —rushing effortlessly down yonder. The builder, out […]

A Perfect Contradiction

A Perfect Contradiction Once a seed held in a bed of dark, liquorice soils— you ‘broke.’ You, already ALIVE pulsing, surging, taking in sustenance. You pushed softly, until your delicate nature burst from Earth’s womb. Inhaling life, —you stretched —you reached —you expanded. Enveloping the sky, you bathed in the light of the sun. You […]

Drops of Color/ Red Shovel

Drops of Color Red Shovel There it was lying on the path— a price-tag dangling from its handle. Who lost this treasure? A simple red sand shovel… it held the potential to go ‘deep’ into the sand. Oh, what ‘one’ could create with this ‘toy. Reaching down, I held it by its neck… placing it […]

Grow in Splendor

Grow in Splendor Wake up! Throw on whatever garment adorns your closet of hangers. Splash your face. Forget wiping off the fresh scent of water drops trickling down your neck. Grab a pair of shoes— better yet, go barefoot. Thrust yourself out the door of your dwelling and allow the ‘dwelling place’ within you to […]

Drops of Color/The Font

Drops of Color The Font One by one they flew in. First, they appeared to dip their wings. Second, they dunked their heads coming up for air before a full immersion. A baptism of fluttering ensued and the community gathered around the ‘font.’ They welcomed everyone before taking flight even those without wings who dipped  […]

An Umbrella

An Umbrella Something said, “Leave the Umbrella.” But, “It’s pouring.” Again, “Leave the Umbrella.” Who said that? Clicking the button, the sails folded in upon themselves. It leaned itself into the wall. An umbrella cannot speak?! Stepping out, I glanced back. No, I was not turned into  a pillar of salt. My right foot was […]

Drops of Color/ This Coat

Drops of Color This Coat “This” coat stitched in love. The garment which I  refer to IS the piece ‘inside’ the fabric. One person responsible for THIS design is my mother. (amongst  a host of others) She used various ‘strands,’ pieces, designer rags to form me. At times, in moments of her own sacred stitching, […]


Isolation A quiet room, an invisible altar, a solitary being. She understands silence and even ‘welcomes’ it. A glowing candle ignites a hymn. Underlying conditions do not deter the rise and fall of her beating heart. A host of guides daily ‘enter’ her dwelling space. Their labored arms give birth to love. A soft bell […]

Drops of Color/ Reminding US

Drops of Color Reminding US Each one of us —a vessel. Our sails —how they love the wind. The ride changes from day to day. There is ‘something’ about moving with the current. Moments can push us beyond the movement of the water’s flow. Tossed off course, we discover a resolve within to find the […]


Look There you were… Your yellow shutters opened wide— The slender green houses growing beside you were like a frame accentuating your gentle presence. There you stood outstretched— The blue sky above you tipped its hat. Puffy white clouds cast shadows all around you…your beauty majestic. A mountain of stone appeared as a backdrop…if one […]

Drops of Color/ Come

Drops of Color Come… Come pick a lovely flower from my basket. Find the color or colors that pick you. Please, don’t leave any coins— these flowers are my gift (for you…) Their beauty—behold. Their soft scent—take in. Touch their petals—their skin. Hold their stem—fragile, yet firm. Tend your bouquet of flowers even it be […]


Inside Inside… there is a flame so intense heat surges through my pores. I rush outside to meet the cold and an invisible blaze surges with an  uncontrolled ferocity. I do not wish this fire quenched— Only now am I trusting the ember’s receding. The ones burning down and at  the same moments setting aglow […]

Drops of Color/ Endless Pages

Drops of Color Endless Pages Every day another story shared— better yet, an abundance of GOOD News messages. Yes, I have read and been immersed in these times of difficulty AND I’m aware we are writing chapters of what it IS we are living ‘in’ presently. The messages ‘breaking’ open through ‘hosts’ of wordless emotions, gut wrenching […]

A New Song

A New Song Arriving~~~unannounced. The forest pulled back— pushing aside the leafy branches. An old fence post… a tiny crevice… a perfect ‘fit.’ The couple chiseled, pecked, then dashed into the  woods gathering soft nettles, tiny twigs and dampened soil. In the hush of night, their feathers caressed each other— three delicate eggs ‘birthed.’ Taking […]

Drops of Color/ Paper Roses

Drops of Color Paper Roses I planted thee a rose garden… Paper, though it be. If you close your eyes and slowly breathe inward, the scent of the flowers’ sweet perfume fills your nostrils. I remember your garden of roses. I would listen from a distance as you clipped and trimmed. A love song you […]