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Drops of Color/ Many Shelves

Drops of Color Many Shelves… a few items delicately placed. In this house, there are ‘many’ extraordinary shelves. ‘If it were not so,’ this sketch, these words, would not have been created or written. What lies on these shelves —meant to set a  table, a dining room ready for a feast, and all are welcome. […]


Captain What secret  disturbing visitor has arrived unleashing its countless furies upon the shoreline? The flow, the rhythm, cannot be marked in time. Wave upon wave crash into rocks lifted from the sea —formations like humpback whales rising to feed. Another break —the waters crashing in upon themselves. Blankets of white foam scatter over the  […]

Drops of Color/ 4 Elements

Drops of Color 4 Elements Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. In the center of these elements…Love. A swirling Universal tapestry begun before any eye ever bore witness. Fire…unleashed itself in a cosmos —timeless, always changing, following a pattern designed, revolving through seasons, changing the tide —EVOLUTIONARY. It ripples —winds lift the lofty steeple —the grandest […]

Left Over

Left Over When we each bring our gifts to the table, not asking a price, MIRACLES happen— All are fed AND there are loaves and fishes left over.

Drops of Color/ Table for Two

Drops of Color Table for Two Reservations made… The guests were moments away adorned in ‘garments’ for the occasion. Napkins, silverware laced the table tops, glasses longing for sweet juices to swirl along their edges. Chairs held the cobble stones in place. Standing their ground, expectant —longing to ‘hold’ the partakers of the Feast. The […]


let-go Listen to the stones… Oh, they speak. Just ask the leaves who have let-go and gather beside the pulsing rocks. What do they say? Let-go so you might hear.

Drops of Color/ The Night

Drops of Color The Night The night is over~~~ the colors have dimmed. Shadows are dawning~~~ the sun soon shall appear. Please, trust me when I say, ‘There is no need to fear the darkness. If you dare to dwell in the unseen what appears invisible begins to reveal itself anew. Black & white become like […]

Meeting God

Meeting God I went to the sea to meet God The waves were fierce, casting lots when I arrived. I steadied myself upon the sand, it tickled my toes. A rip-tide wove in, curling around me. There was no longer dry land. The waves were fierce, casting lots when I arrived. I reached for the […]


Finished Finished, this day. All its cares —swept away. The thoughts that no longer matter. The feelings that keep turning themselves over & over Finished. Dust clouds will come again and a simple whisk of a brush AND Gone. If not, find the rhythm of the silent broom swaying left then right, and again. Hook […]

Drops of Color/ A Million Feathers

Drops of Color A Million Feathers Fashioned, like strands of pearls beside the shore. Strung on rocks, dainty legs balancing upon the water. A million feathers adorned by sea birds. Casting bills into the surf, engulfing fresh morsels, invisible delicacies, snapped up in a blink of an eye. The softness of feathers spread wide embracing […]

The sand silent

The sand silent The expansive body of the ocean. Waves, symphonies of timeless ballads wash ashore.  The sand silent. The stars staggered, littered by the debris of shrapnel. The blue water turns red. The expansive body of the ocean. The ocean not on fire, and the sand not a buffer. Tears became prayer. The salt […]

Drops of Color/ …the sound of the bell

Drops of Color …the sound of the bell Listen …the sound of the bell. Wait, the sound of Bells. The night sky fading— a sliver of stars returning to their quiver. A purple blue softness magnifies the horizon in the West and subtle pinks and oranges —a field of marigolds in the sky —intermingle and […]


Self-Portrait (Inspired by the works of Maya Angelo) Slipping through the bars —WAIT, I cannot get through. Yet, my arms, solid…built to last —‘pull back’ the cage. No matter how often this cage door sealed, I sing from a perch. The song is soft —sometimes passionate like a flame ignited by a  simple whisper~~~’FLY.’ I […]

Drops of Color/Shining like the sun…

Drops of Color Shining like the Sun “It is a glorious destiny to be a  member of the human race, though it is a race dedicated to many absurdities and one which makes many terrible mistakes; yet, with all that, [God] gloried in becoming a member of the human race! To think that such a commonplace […]

Each day

Each day This day, I rose in the darkness —drops of rain pelted my window. Pausing…yes, here I invite you to be still upon rising…even NOW. Let your eyes take in the hid-den splendor…it is there in the darkness. A storm surging outside the glass pane …is there a storm brewing restlessly inside me?  Inside […]

Drops of Color/ Another Harvest

Drops of Color Another Harvest Here it is, the ripened red fruit lets-go. Falling into the hands —picked with ease —plucked from leafy branches waving fare-well. The laborers are plenty. An abundance of bushels gathered. The succulence of juicy, delicious apples waiting to be consumed. By whom, you ask? Trucks pull in, other transport vehicles […]

Drops of Color/ Inside the Edge

Drops of Color (Sketch re-created from an Unknown Artist’s Original) Inside the Edge One by one they came, no sequential order. Four corners of the Universe unfolding like stars. From in between spaces, unknown, yet collectively, they were People walking with a Promise. Straw once used for bricks was braided into baskets. Young, old, leaving […]


Displays Some pieces  of art work —have no signature —no title they simply wash ashore. The beach —a museum —free of charge DISPLAYS

Drops of Color/ The Artist

Drops of Color The Artist The artist began. A gentle brush stroke. A dab of water. Dipping into pools of color… each a sacrament —a portrayal —a sign. Slowly, the image becoming clear. Lifting from the matte, breathed into life —created a living human being. Trees clapped their branches. The sky sank, for a moment […]

Hands through time

Hands through time An acorn lets go of the long arm that has cradled and nurtured the seed—until NOW. Around and around this cycle spins, twirls, revolves, a wheel of time —evolution creating, sustaining, lingering, dying and discovering life—AGAIN! Glancing upon scene after scene, the picture, the same in its frame, yet, it is different, […]


Drops of Color Flow The earth ‘shaking.’ At the top of a ridge, a magnanimous display. Millions of droplets thrust from an edge. The direction— spontaneous. No time to waste ‘casting lots.’ Speckles of moisture spew every which way. Fierce, elegant, Powerful, grace in full motion. Tantalizing, soothing, Life altering, washed away hidden pools— tiny […]

Play me…

Play me… Pretend I’m an old tin can. Bring your ear close —closer… that’s it! Touch a key —again. Touch another —play me. Before you go —tap the old tin can AND whenever you need a song —lift the cap Play me.

Drops of Color/ A Genuine Gaze

Drops of Color A Genuine Gaze No words necessary. Countless couples. My eyes privileged to behold. I cherish the moments —like framed photos. Love unfolded in a nod of a head —flesh touching —a gentle swipe —skin to skin —a glance —a soft whinny. Expanding —love revealing itself in the ordinary and most extraordinary gaze. How […]

…close to ‘home’

  …close to ‘home’ There are moments i feel so close to ‘home’ i nearly touch the  stars and then there are ‘gaps’ where i feel i’m millions of miles  away.   Note: Look closely! A plane is flying near the center of the Moon! Behold the enormity of Wonder we are blessed to dwell […]

Drops of Color/ Sky’s Landscape

Drops of Color Sky’s Landscape The sky, a ‘land’scape, splashing its image upon a body of water. Clouds weave into the scenery magnifying the mirrored scene overhead. The sky began to laugh, or was it the wind? A strong gust rippled the waters sending onto the shore a million drops. The landscape, carried in tiny […]


Treasures Treasures from the Sea That is just what they are…treasures! Not possessions… Pearls of wisdom meant to plunge back into hid-den depths. They remind us of our own holiness —hidden treasures of Belonging, Not possessions. We are gift given —receiving freely —offering back treasures.

Drops of Color/ Questions

Drops of Color Questions Is there a rainbow stitched into a waterfall? Is it a waterfall illuminated in the cusp of a rainbow? How do we live the questions? Maybe, in the moments that expand our vision —we become the rainbow —we encompass every drop of the waterfall. We understand the questions need no answers. […]

All the hairs

  All the hairs counted. The exact number known while a chirping  sparrow sits upon my horns. The sparrow’s worth not measured here, nor the strands of my furrowing drapery. Our significance, well, I’ll not be the judge. It appears our place in  this time, this space, IS our purpose. Why spend time ‘pulling’ hairs? […]


Praise Mutilated —these words broken, fragmented, endless run-ons! Wild Fires A     lo     ha ~~~the island shivering in ash. Praise, praise the  natural world wreaking havoc on the learned, ignoring the signs. The stock exchange adds their numbers, while DNA samples —the only means identifying the dead. Plucking a chord on my guitar —a […]

You…in the Margins

You…in the Margins You wanted to write a lie— to be understood? to fit in? to be heard? My powdery snow covered skin pleads, “STOP.” For too long, my people live at the top of the mountain crested in packed white linen —we have kept many persons at base camp —countless tribes at the foot […]

Drops of Color/ So Simple

Drops of Color So Simple For a moment, the view, as if held, entwined in a frame. Sheer and utter elegance, mere words lack the luster in describing you. You are an entranceway —a door of sorts into a valley fashioned like the walls of a uterus inviting the traveler to enter. Many seeds planted […]


Home… where the heart lies —a mattress of soft soil —crumbled leaves adding to the ambience of  the green canopy overhead AND, rooted stately branches —lean into each other. Really, there is  no place like home.

Drops of Color/ Promised Lands

Drops of Color Promised Lands One rolled in upon another. Straw, the mortar as an Exodus begun. The Exile, a bridge, exposing a gap that no longer would give way to division. Stone upon stone upon stone, not a single one ‘thrown.’ Each rock, boulder, pebble set in place, like a dinner table prepared to serve […]

An invisible space…

An invisible space There is an invisible  space between the  moment the vessel leaves the soft grasses and plunges into the body of water— ‘waiting.’ It is that moment every prayer ever  spoken is heard passing, as if, through the eye of a  needle.

Drops of Color/ ‘body of creativity’

Drops of Color ‘body of creativity’ A broken branch —the whittler began to carve. A variety of paints —the artist fashioned faces —expressions of love. A pattern of material —the seamstress stitched outfits. Extraordinary characters put in the hands of those with ‘no-thing’ and, for a first time, they had a make believe friend but, […]


Island Inside, there is an island— a place surrounded by a deep blue sea. Settling, a soft wind comes in on the wings of waves. Sitting along the water’s edge, feet dipping in and out —the rise and fall of every breath. Speckles of sand swirl round and round. Schools of fish leap from their […]

Drops of Color/ Come ‘play’ me

Drops of Color/ Come ‘play’ me Come ‘play’ me… the luring sound of the stringed mandolin with a robust belly —casting a spell like a bee dipping into the honey jar. Sweetly, the vibration of strings —like melted sugar over a red juicy apple. One bite. One succulent encounter. Eyes closed— the exquisite sounds. Why […]

Moments…in her rose garden

Moments…in her rose garden Each year in early Spring, she would put on her old overalls that rose high above her ankles. She put on ‘his’ old night shirt… she loved him and always longed him to be near even if it be his musty worn sweated scent. She stepped outside. The sun blurred her […]

Drops of Color/ Hid-den Saints

Drops of Color Hid-den Saints… they’re among us. Everywhere! When the sun is at its zenith, you attempt to stare into its jetting rays, but, cannot  for one moment, capture a glance. The Saints, they’re in the ‘unseen’ places. In the deepest, darkest depths of the sea, where the reality of  ‘any’ light appears skewed, […]


Raindrops Raindrops dampened the page. The words expanded like a stone dropped into a pond. Swelling, each letter, every consonant, vowel, became something new unto itself. Unknown, these words —a language my Soul does not understand. The hid-den meaning writes itself. You are what lies between each ring carried upon the surface of the pond. […]

Drops of Color/ A Poet

Drops of Color A Poet A Poet meandering along  a forest path arrived at the foot of a wooden Bridge. The Bridge spoke, “Poet, for so long I have waited for your coming. Step upon my boards and write me, Poet.” The Poet took a step, followed by another. Then, with her hands, she held […]

Tiny creatures are wondrous and plentiful

Tiny creatures are wondrous and plentiful Often unseen unnoticed… ‘Some’ give persons the ‘creeps.’ Is that where the expression creepy crawlers comes from? There are those who would blot them out  given the chance —certainly not thinking of their use, purpose or splendor. On a summer’s night, go out into the woods… Give yourself time […]

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue Who came up with the phrase ‘out of the blue’??? Why not out of the red, yellow or green? ‘Out of the Blue???’ Why not purple, orange or pink? Wait, ‘out of the blue’ rises a sun filling the blueness… expanding its brilliance revealing no boundaries whatsoever. One tiny bird perched […]

Drops of Color/ Edelweiss

Drops of Color Edelweiss As soon as the word spoken~~~ ‘Edelweiss,’ the song begins. Each petal a note alive on a suspending scale— ‘do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti do’ lifting the peaks of the mountains folding back curtains so the performance begun! Listen— the morning greeting birthing the white flowers lying atop beds […]

Smoke and Clarity

Smoke and Clarity (Inspired by Jeremy Marks’ poem “Smoke Gets in My Eyes”) Particles dangled on leafy branches. When a small breeze pushed through, the particles ‘gathered’ ~~~smoke clouds puffing through a  dense forest. Walking, wiping my eyes from particles? from tears?  both! Laying on the ground dampened by dew, the grass—green. A sudden sense […]

Drops of Color/ A ‘Sweet’ Bed

Drops of Color A ‘Sweet’ Bed Often times a vessel comes to shore… fastening itself deep ‘into’ the sands. The floating phoenix rests its feathers —flowing sails bed themselves down. Sometimes ‘repairs’ are made —a gentle wash from the salty sea, and endless mollusks that latch themselves on for a ride. The sun’s rising and […]


Unwritten Wrestling with a pen, an instrument, willing to splash ink… Matters not upon what, or for whom. The hand that holds the pen perceives this time as inopportune. Sudden events —tragic, inconsequential, unexplained. One following another… the phone rings…I wish not to answer. The messages received slowly, they sift through the hourglass. I tip […]