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Balance Sails unfurled— Like over-sized blankets, they dangled from an invisible line. Moving in the direction of the wind’s speed, a vessel ‘held’ before enormous beams strewn north and south… a single line was painted east and west. The bridge carried over the sea. From the right, the gaze was infinite. From the left, an […]

Drops of Color/ She Ran

Drops of Color She Ran She ran… then she picked up her pace. The sounds of bloodhounds in the distance —in pursuit. She quickened her strides —they were after her. There was no path— briers covered her garments branches slashed her ankles. At night, mosquitoes would draw her blood still~~~She ran. In the evening, the […]

No Name

No name A soft hush— the wind pulling itself through strands of hair. Enveloped in a sea of darkness— the permission of light still had access. A battery of stars needing no charge except what already is given them. Longing stretched its way along the path. A longing NOT to be filled… this time ONLY […]

Drops of Color/ The Window

Drops of Color The Window Standing on the sidewalk… I SEE the window. I know what is ‘inside.’ Metaphorically, I was born between the pews. At a young age, I was always drawn to the window— the light from ‘outside’ stained the glass in colors not a single word could convey. I cannot give you […]

Arms of a Crater

Arms of a Crater Held… in the arms of a crater. The silence pounding like a drum— beat with a delicate feather. The hush in this void like a favorite nursery rhyme I never tire of hearing— ***Once Upon A Time*** Lying awake, gentle speckles of light grip hands with night’s mask. Both have a […]

Stone Edifice

Stone Edifice A display of masterful sculpting— The precision in the edge of the blade— The chisel positioned with a reluctant swipe. A chip, one at a time, falls… what revealed? The elegance of ‘nothingness’… nudity—its strength, its vibrancy, its search— No shame. There is no need to hide any bit of the stone’s essence. […]

You, There

You, There You, chalking the pavement. You, unknown creator casting images of grace, splendor, excellence. You, ‘covered’ in chalk dust. Before you, your ‘matte’ the mere street… You swipe a shade of blue then yellow… eyes appear…widening in wonder. You do not display your name. You reveal beauty beyond yourself. You know the rain eventually […]


You STAYED The Season past. You have held your color. But why, what has led you to hold on? Maybe you do not know. Are you ripening? You have tasted the warmth of summer. Here you are in winter’s chill. There is an elegance that graces your frozen petals. What will become of you? One […]

Drops of Color/Night~Fall

Drops of Color Night-Fall You have held the day casting light chasing away shadows. You begin your descent giving way to the night. The sounds of the ocean loud and fierce— I can no longer SEE the curl of the wave into the shore. Yet, I hear it crash. Closing my eyes, I am lulled […]

A Potter’s Wheel

A Potter’s Wheel The moon drifting into the depths of the western sky. Deep blue shades laced with hints of lavender. An arm’s reach— stretching across the ceiling overhead— the eastern ‘print’ growing in  hues…pink, orange and other splashes unwritten by crayola. Softly, my steps crunched the ground frosted in winter’s bedroom… The season invited […]

Who’s There?

Who’s There? Tiny ‘dimples’— light beams like a face filled with freckles— the dome above my head painted in stars. The wind hollowed— my steps not my own. I was pulled in the direction of a ‘breath’ guiding each ‘sole’ planting itself. I, a mere vessel. The sail of my being thrust in the current’s […]

Drops of Color…The Ceiling

  The Ceiling The scaffolding— a wooden floor. Splinters—soft, hay-like as I lie on my back nestled in. Over my head— a matte. From a quilted tip a simple line flows— another follows. In my memory— traces of masterpieces a hundred years and beyond filled a ceiling. NOW—I AM ‘re-creating.’ A space between— stories, divine […]

This Moment

This Moment No words write themselves. In a deep forest, I stand… Nestled in pines embraced by ivy covered by maple leaves. Songs sung in clicking branches… the wind whispers through and throughout. I am held… Looking up a ceiling of blue reveals I am NOT lost in this forest. In fact, I could not […]

At a loss…

At a loss… for words. And, yet…they steep from this pen running over the cup filling spaces all around the saucer holding the bubbling liquid of fluid— consonants and vowels. At a loss… a bridge forms allowing me to cross the uncharted stream of fluidity. Rising inside of me a tide— from where it comes […]

Sketch of Myself/Silent Wonder

Tis’ the Season Whatever ‘phrase’ you choose to extend—may it carry the message of our Universal ‘ONENESS.’ “We” have all been gifted with dwelling on this Glorious planet~~~ You are a part of EVERY shining star… Gazing with you in Silent Wonder…   Sketch of Myself/ Silent Wonder One branch then another— Each tender shoot […]


Knowledge There is an art to knowledge. A blank page suddenly filled with colors, shadows, images. A scene is displayed— it carries ‘truth.’ A story revealed… a simple glimmer until another ‘matte’ is set upon an easel. This time new shades scatter the naked canvas. I trust ‘knowledge’ to be like THIS. If ‘truth’ ever […]

A Call to Act

A Call to Act Everywhere A call loud, emphatic, running on, and on, and on. A lowly other sits quietly refraining from ACTING… taking the moments necessary to gaze ‘into’ a window within. Who are you? Only you can respond— filling in the blank. Your actions can be pure when you do not re-create what […]


Miracles I woke this morning the moon shining through my blinds. I pulled back the covers and reached for you. I stepped out under a sea filled with stars— the twilight sang love songs to my soul. You took my hand as a path revealed itself. The trees bowed their heads— their leaves made music […]

Shadow Sides

Shadow Sides In the darkness our shadow sides ‘revealed.’ As we gaze in acknowledgement, suddenly ‘we’ are  transformed. Illuminated because we dare to enter the hid-den depths.

Love Notes

Love Notes I Love You like I have loved ‘no’ other. In ‘all’ others I am learning— This is how I came to love you. It has been years— traveling through the “seams” of seasons —fading colors —bitter blizzards      draped in frosted flakes —bouquets of lily blossoms —the morning sunrise…     each […]


Elegy If today this life of mine ended with a period…. I trust in run-ons~ Yes, my life has been a  continuous tale… peaks and valleys jagged edges and sandy beaches— moments of penetrating light and deep rivers of hid-den darkness. I have LIVED in it all and in death (I trust) I will hold […]


Knocking What is it? What knocks on the center of this breast plate? On this door? ‘Let me in, let me in!’ Who is this visitor who raps emphatically— not with force, but with a tap as delicate as a  feather released from a bird in flight, flowing , with a swagger, to the earth […]

What I know by Heart

What I know by Heart The soft cry of a babe— no words yet, there is a need. The howl of the wind unseen yet, it bends the  branches creating a ballad. A hawk soars in the sun’s light because it can. Two old lovers sit side by side, hand in hand watching the sun […]

The Rain Fell…

The Rain Fell… Upward! Not possible… it was once my thought, too. Today, the pools of drops rose from the earth. The flowers dipped taking in the  ascent of dew. Splashes one after another climbed an invisible ladder. I knew not their reach— I simply beheld their flight —a grand balloon launch —soaring drops —vapor […]

Sketch of Myself/NOTES…

Greetings Friends, Back with “Sketch of Myself” each Monday.  Many NEW ‘images ‘ are creating themselves… Hope you’ll enjoy  these sketches as much as I do ‘penning’ them to paper. For the many NEW persons who have joined the viewing… If you’re wondering about how “Sketch of Myself” came to be, please go to  www.onesingledrop.com  […]

Why Walk

Why Walk Once upon a time my feet touched the ground running like a gazelle upon a smooth sheet of star-lit waters. This is no fairy-tale— a part of me ‘broke’… The break in the pavement nowhere near the enormity of what was dis-lodged in my inability to step. A new flow ‘sprung’ in me […]


Time The seconds, minutes, hours and in between the breath… The years pass-on— yet, the ‘gasp’ unmeasured. The ‘un-marked’ time… The unknown place called Home.

Winnowed Away…

Winnowed Away… Held by ‘nothingness.’ The absence of what was  finds space… in this emptiness. A treasure found~ beyond rubies, sapphires & diamonds. Lying there a life-time the rubble removed. The debris now scattered~~~ winnowed away. What lies in this NOW Visible… No longer  needing to be named except I AM  


Play-On No matter how I run or pause You are there waiting Always quiet, peaceful Especially when my mind adrift. You sit beside the shore Every vessel carrying each ‘thought’ floats on by. You do not  pull any of my ‘wanderings’ to the water’s edge. You patiently curl yourself like a kitten cradled in a […]

The Buck

The Buck The night young. The moon wrapped  in black drapery. It would be hours before the curtains pulled wide ushering in the dawn. A soft wind nipped my frosted face. Stepping, I listened to the soft echoes of silence. In my pocket two small apples… I would place them where my forest friends would […]