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Fly I am learning  in all things to spread my wings and fly. Even if my wings are clipped, broken, I know the  essence of flight. The season, the times, my guides. These, I have come to trust. The wind calls— it is this moment NOW I rise flying in what appears the opposite direction. […]

Drops of Color/ The Scenery

Drops of Color The Scenery You held the ‘oar’— all I had to do was ‘be’ in the moment. Whatever way the gondola  sailed, it was in your hands. I paused… First, I reached— then, I pulled my arms back in. Second, I heard a gurgling in my throat, words rising, then ‘something’ within stirred—shhhhh! […]

He said, ‘Follow me.’

He said, ‘Follow me.’ And, so I have. I try each day. He always seemed to say, ‘Be not afraid.’ I believe he learned these words from his mother who bore him and, I have spent my  lifetime following this man. He went about walking parched paths. He spoke to anyone, everyone who would listen. […]

Drops of Color/ A Window

Drops of Color A Window A soft wind echoed pushing a rock with enough effort that the stone let-go. Like Rapunzel’s hair —broken bits of the canyon wall slid and, like waves crashing into the shore, you could hear the plumbing avalanche causing dust to envelop the sky. A whispering breeze ensued pushing away particles […]

Will these people…

Will these people… This moment  a mist eerily moves  like a milky shadow enmeshed in a sky painted in the sweetest essence of black licorice. Tasting this day, this hour, the moon in her fullness dangles unperturbed moving willfully in the  pattern entrusted and designed by the One who seeks no name. How we have […]

Drops of Color/ Today

Drops of Color Today I created a sketch, then another unfolded, followed by a third and fourth. Lately, I’ve turned off the T.V., refrained from news. I opened my windows wide, the sound of song birds —music to my ears. Colors splashed on paper. The ink ran dry but, I found another pen, another pencil. […]

I had a sketch pad…

I had a sketch pad… I had a sketch pad. I had a sketch pad filled with empty pages. White empty pages began to fill with colors. Like Autumn’s leaves, the sketch pad burst with hues—reds, yellows, oranges. I had a sketch pad filled with faces —Faces of passers-by. I had a sketch pad that […]

Drops of Color/ Blossom

Drops of Color Blossom The Earth shook. The ground quaked. Thunder parted the clouds. You lie in fallowed soil unseen, invisible, hid-den. No One called you to take the stage. A bell did not chime signaling your time. Lights weren’t beaming on/off queuing you. You moved like a silent hush. You adorned yourself with a […]


Way There is not a single moment nor an hour that ‘creates’ a Way. More, like a path formed, wild flowers stretch alongside the carved walkway. Springing to life, a solitary word… sometimes the letters allow that single word to take root. It grows through the  summer spreading itself in an open window. Without notice, […]

Heaven’s Corner

Heaven’s Corner I stood on a corner searching for a stone— a corner stone that revealed Heaven. I had dreams of heaven. So many stories told. I wanted to see it— I wanted to know it for myself. So I stood on a corner in search of a stone— Heaven’s cornerstone. I stood for a […]

Drops of Color/ Quieting the Mind

Drops of Color Quieting the Mind When quieting the mind, images revealed. Shadow sides expose the roots, nurture the blossoms     of the One sitting     in an open meadow. Everything suddenly connected. No-thing is ever divided except when the ‘thinking’ believes it knows all the answers. When the mind is quiet, knowing […]

Exposed again

Exposed again Beneath a blue drenched winter sky, a cloud floats on by like sifted flour. I peer out, as if perched below a table, gathering each breath so as not to reveal myself. Looking, searching —scanning the clock of the day’s minutes ticking by, I am mindful of harvest. Harvest is so far away […]

Drops of Color/ History/HERstory

Today, is the last Thursday in February —this month honors/celebrates/remembers Black History. My sketch highlights Kamala Harris, the first woman, the first African American/South Asian woman to become the Vice President of the United States of America— Perhaps, this is a first of many more to come where all women will make History/ HERstory.   […]

Thank You

Thank You The ground  had spoken. At first, a reluctance to believe actual words were heard. Was someone speaking —someone unseen, unnoticed lurking behind trees? Painted shadows marked the ground. Was it a person disguised filling my ears with  the illusion of sound? Again, the ground quaked— it was a rumble of sorts and, now […]

A Path

A Path An uncharted path hid-den beneath pristine white snow —a blanket spread —a quilt of dazzling snowflakes      knitted without a needle or thread. Many paths that we walk in life we never intentionally set out to traverse. Many paths were invitations we may not have accepted YET—the way we had to find […]

Drops of Color/ What Song

Drops of Color What Song? Sing to me… What song is being sung in you? Are you blowing through the saxophone? Are you caressing the piano keys? Maybe you’re strumming the strings of the guitar or tapping the skin of the drum with wooden sticks. Are you sounding a trumpet? Perhaps you are holding the […]

Unknown Hour

  Unknown Hour The branch holding you for so long knew it was ‘time.’ The ring inside this tree’s sturdy trunk forms another circle like each tick on a clock. Letting go, you waffled left, then right. For a few moments, you hovered in the air like a ballerina completing a pirouette. You fell landing […]


Sweet Sweet A morsel of honey dripped from heaven’s comb dabbing the soft palate of  my being filling my words with a savory hymn. I placed my pen down and listened. The salt from my tears added to the rich flow of golden sustenance. A bee, coming from an unknown place, lands on my shoulder. […]

Drops of Color/ One

Drops of Color One We are One Tribe We are One Nation We are One people Why do we go on pretending we are not? Your Joy is my Joy. Your sorrow is my sorrow. Words flow like a river down my cheeks. Your prayer is a choir sung from the heaven we live in […]

…become the wave

…become the Wave I dive. Leaping no longer an option. A force pulls me into the open sea. I am not adrift. Almost immediately, I am fashioned into the swirling drops within which I am now gathered. A natural flow —a rhythm undefined —a sacred dance formed      is now playing itself out. In […]

Drops of Color/ The Gate

Drops of Color The Gate— it is not so narrow. In fact, if you simply ‘lift’ the latch, it opens. In fact, if you’re unable to lift the latch, there IS someone to lift it for you —trust. In fact, the truth is ALL are welcome to enter through this gate. —You don’t have to […]


Pilgrimage Out of the sea, I surfaced. My tail morphed itself splitting in two —delicate stumps began to bend. I was held in a moment of silent prayer. Two feet sprang and I stood. Limbs branched from a torso, like a breast plate, and I reached skyward. Ocean drops fell upon earth’s bed. I stepped […]

Drops of Color/ Solitary

Drops of Color Solitary The sea is relatively calm— white caps were making their way before the horizon’s line. A solitary boat rested along the edge of the rising tide. Stepping into the boat, I cast off, thrusting the oars over the edge. The winds rose as did the vessel. Carried into uncharted waters, I […]

See the faces…

See the faces… Today. I am praying. (call it Meditation, Tonglen or Contemplation) Not for me. Not for you. I am whispering into the Universe for our World  gone asunder. I cry out, “What is Truth?” “Where is Justice?” See the faces of innocent tiny eyes, fragile minds listening to adults— listening, observing adults! Grown-ups, […]

Drops of Color/ Seven Hanging Pots…

I share this poem through tears… My eyes swollen, I can barely read my own words… NOW… —Let us maintain kindness —No matter how broken      may we act peacefully —May LOVE transform      what at present remains unseen! May we ‘see’ beyond the chaos all that is GOOD! Drops of Color Seven […]


Satisfied The time— the hour…I know not. Yet, it was as if a  symbol clanged and a host of drops gathered from a Source wider than the sea. Into the skies they soared— higher and higher they climbed until they were out of sight. Silence ‘broke.’ With a rush, the sound of stampeding horses could […]

Drops of Color/ In Our Hands

  In Our Hands A painted ceiling  began its formation. In this year’s beginning, here’s a simple reminder Drops of Colors splattered with ease… Images ‘ran’—one into the next…the ceiling draped like a curtain. Without notice, the curtain became engulfed in flames— yet, the ceiling’s images were not consumed. Instead, the paint burned with crisper […]

A Novel

A Novel A beam of Light —like a series of words —descends ‘into’ a flower. Each letter becomes a petal. The stem forms a sentence while each leaf a paragraph. The One who gazes is drawn into the heart of a Novel—blossoming. Now, the light transforms the beholden and the beholder. Truly, this is how […]

Drops of Color/ The Night of Christmas

Drops of Color The Night of Christmas Twas’ the night of Christmas and I lay covered in bed. Thoughts of this day wrapped the gift it had been. It began beneath stars made manifest in the dark and the chill of winter’s wonders glistened upon branches and homes dressed in lights. I walked into a […]

What IF…

What IF… What IF the stories are TRUE? What IF a mere child— a girl with a name we know as Mary WAS overshadowed by ‘some-thing’ other THAN a man. What IF she bore a child… not even she could understand. What IF— Water really was turned to wine? And baskets were filled with leftovers… […]

Drops of Color/ Glory & Wonder

Drops of Color Glory & Wonder In a lowly valley, stood a towering pine. Lofty needles formed its lengthy arms lifting toward the sky’s ceiling. A whisper from the tree rose like the sound of a hand sweeping across a harp’s strings. “Oh, glorious stars, you illuminate this silent night. To you, I raise my […]

On a Clear Day

On a Clear Day On a clear day I can see for stretches of vast landscapes. Walking on—the pictures before me change and leave imprints— countless rooms, secret chambers tended, beating in a cave within my heart. But, on days when all is not so clear, I look out and my imagination is ignited. Visions […]

Drops of Color/ The Stockings were Hung…

Drops of Color The Stockings were Hung… with affection and care in hope that this year would invite us to prayer. Yes, the stockings were hung with so much love and ‘wear’ —miles walked in so much unknown —persons held in place…isolated —faces guarded by masks —the virus spread —still, hosts of angels went in […]

The Sky

The Sky The clouds spread while wings expanded in a sea of blue. The sun lit the sky— the horizon knew no border. The hawk, a dab in the  held photo, let out a wail —a chorus echoed. I stood, “Encore, Encore, Encore” Feathers hovered. A circling pattern performed. The ‘singers’ bellowed a high pitched […]

Drops of Color/ Lived

Drops of Color Lived The tables are set— the silverware placed. The chairs are set for countless persons, yet an emptiness remains. A hush hovers— it feels like a bell in a cathedral whose clapper has been removed. The sounds of silence hardly convey what is not taking place. The chefs are home and so, […]

Fruit from the Vine

Fruit from the Vine The work of unseen hands. The ‘planter’ prepared the soils. Seeds laid in the rich, brown mud…earth’s womb. Labor pains ‘cracked’ the ground. Broken, a vine spreads itself. Taking in the summer’s heat —moisture fed the budding leaves —gentle rains caressed the fruit      being born. The Gardener watched, waited […]

Drops of Color/ Many Utensils

Drops of Color “Happy Thanksgiving” (Belated Thanksgiving greetings to my friends in Canada) Many Utensils In this kitchen, there are many utensils… Today, I’m handling the spatula of gratitude. Stirring again and again awaiting its gentle boil. I add touches of spices. Each added ‘pinch’ descends into the enormous pot and an aroma ascends. This […]

Can Be

Can Be Seasons change as do words. The stately oak stands in the middle of  the dense forest; inside, rings write themselves. Age marks, the years gone by, yet, ‘outside” written between invisible lines, limbs broken by gusty winds —new formations etched by a pen. Leaves dress themselves adorning the dark edges of bark. Paragraphs […]

Drops of Color/ Masks

Drops of Color Masks I placed one mask over the naked essence of my expression —it fit. I took it off and tried the other —it fit. Who was I if both fit? Either one so simple to wear. I have worked a long time to hide this me. Perhaps, from no one more than […]

SEE in Yourself

See in Yourself By grace an eloquent rising. Rays like ladders fan every which way; a lure for everyone to cast one’s essence. Join the flame ‘in’ you to the One setting the World to Light. No matter how dim shadows pervade—you are set aglow in radiant splendor. Do not mimic anyone else. Guides are […]

Drops of Color/ Inside

Drops of Color Inside… darkness ‘holds’ a space as it did in ‘The Beginning.’ The cusp of windows invites light into hid-den chambers. Listening ‘in’ silence… voices~~~many! They seem to be saying, “This is Good, this is Good…” All is quiet. The blending of two entities eliciting shadows and bringing colors to life. Behold the […]


Today Like a table cloth laced with an elegant pattern, You hung. The detailed weaving of ice particles formed beside your body ever so still. Your color fading —You hold in this moment —You gather in the sun’s warmth —Every vein in your paper flesh savoring life mindful of the fall that will whisk you away. You […]

Drops of Color/ Scraps

Drops of Color   Scraps Each word, she recalled, as if it were spoken directly to her, “Even the dogs get the scraps that fall from their master’s table.” Many years have passed, and she can ‘taste’ each syllable as she has spent her lifetime ‘gathering’ scraps…each a fragment of her faith. Her prayer beads […]

ALL Souls

ALL Souls We remember and recall their past. What has become of their future— a constant question many attempt to grasp. Faith in ‘some’ place beyond us dwells or do we adhere to  the words “what we believe ‘beyond’ —resides within.” Baffling thoughts… Yet, what is the truth? Answers or questions? Yes, questions— guides to […]

Drops of Color/ Steps…

Drops of ColorSteps… There’s no specific way. Exactly where you place your foot and then the other is where you are meant to be. Be present— the place upon which you stand… centuries old. The patterns, the colors… circles, lines— they flow. You are  on a path. Take a step, then take another. Pause awhile— […]

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch Deep in the woods— a patch  of pumpkins. How… How did this ‘orange’ garden of tantalizing gourds arrive here??? The Great Pumpkin? Let’s be serious… This is NO ‘trick‘… it is a tasty ‘treat.’ I discovered the spreader of the seeds… Carefully planted indeed! Yes, there the Gardner was sitting atop one of […]

Drops of Color/ Details

Drops of Color Details It all began with an idea —a vision. Then, there was a layout —a blue print. Numbers of persons responded from everywhere. An enormous ‘spattering’ of specialties assembled —to create. Everything brought together —orchestrated. The finest details —each a solitary note —each playing its tune      on the scale —a […]