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IS this prayer?

IS this prayer? Word made flesh Alive on this page…prayer forming like sweet incense engulfing the vowels leaving only  consonants resounding through lips parting. THEN A phrase dabbed speckles of ink splashing like drops of rain drenching my hair. I shiver not because I’m cold. You pour Yourself from the well of my being. There […]

Drops of color/ If…I only had a heart

Drops of Color “If…I only had a heart“ I would lift the window inviting you into the ‘room’ where its soft essence rhythmically drums. I’d ask, gently of course, for you to ‘Please, lift the latch, crack open the pane of your treasure chest’— I’d whisper a prayer. ‘Please accept this invitation’ so we might […]

Drops of Color/ Tight Rope

Drops of Color Tight Rope Slender pole in hand. A sliver of a thread called a rope holding feet. Movement, S L O W— precise. Wind burst pushing the walker. Slanting into the wind, not looking down nor up. The elongated toothpick gripped by fingers —knuckles white holding life. Balanced. This is NOT an ACT. […]

In Thanksgiving

In Thanksgiving It was a banquet —the plastic table cloth festive with colors. Underneath, painted boards —a ‘dining’ room table. Dirt floors steadied the plastic chairs. The walls painted in gold —the window nailed shut to hold back the cold. The meal served —hot from a brick outdoor oven —the food set on the table […]

Drops of Color/ What’s Next

Drops of Color What’s next? What, what about Rascals? Little? Oh, the Little Rascals: Spanky, Buckwheat, Alfalfa, Darla, Froggy…’Petey.’ The ‘He man Women-Haters Club.’ Memories…how a gang of kids brought ‘out’ life’s moments. Spanky…Leader, coordinator: he was trusted. Buckwheat…always welcomed.  Although inflicted with a slight speech impediment, he was able to get his point across. […]

Drops of Color/ The Amusement Park

Drops of Color The Amusement Park —ALIVE— then suddenly STOPS… Hovering above the magical ‘landscape’ —a scene. Held in place, beholden to countless ACTS, performers, attendees… like a stage packed with whirling dervishes in harmony —life enjoying the dance —the merriment. Could it be this way for all? Glancing in this moment of pause, silent meditation…in an […]

Running out of room…

Running out of room… alas, I tumbled off the page. I found myself splashing rather delightfully until I arrived at a shore. Wiping my eyes, liquid pools of droplets dangled from each lash. I beheld a woodland. The most astonishing trees were woven into place —they reached skyward inviting me to do the same. From […]

Drops of Color/ That’s why

Drops of Color That’s why Walking across a bridge back and forth, then back AGAIN! Why? History, painted in boards, stain after stain after bloodied stains! Why write about the past? Why speak out? Why invoke the memories? So that they no longer repeat themselves…that’s why! Seems we have to cross bridges AGAIN and again […]

The Growing of a Soul

The Growing of a Soul I have walked this path a thousand times. The Seasons have changed their face as well  as mine. I have labored here as  I placed one foot in front of the other. At times, I backtracked. Something, someone catching my eye. I lingered, reflecting on the past…days held in the sun […]

Drops of Color/ Here Again…asking the same Question

Drops of Color Here Again…asking the same Question Chewy, rich, gooey savory, chocolaty seeping with delight. One wrapper removed —ingesting the tiny piece of candy. Treats…no tricks. Ahhh, unwrapping another —it only gets better. The gourd seems to smile filled with pleasures. Is this season really here…AGAIN? Seems only yesterday I wondered, “What shall I […]

Drops of Color/ Jump In

Drops of Color Jump In That’s right! Take a few steps back. Catch your breath. On your mark, get set…Go! Before you… a pile lifting to the sky. Red, yellow, orange fading leaves  wait for You. Leap from the ground, dive in ‘crunch, crack, crunch.’ A smattering of leaves fills the  air, and you lay […]

Drops of Color/ The Bridge

Drops of Color The Bridge A long trail through the woods… Hours passed, the color became ever more vibrant as the sun reached its zenith. An opening drew back the trees, and a bridge suddenly visible…it appeared as an opened hand reaching out, “Come, Come and Cross.’ I stepped before realizing my feet already in […]

Drops of Color/ This Glass

Drops of Color This Glass It was a small glass making its way around the room. A smattering of ‘lip’ gloss appeared along its edge. Yes, a sip was had by one, then another and another. Still, the succulent juice did not run dry. Instead, it ran over pouring itself on those who chose to  […]


Rings As the seasons spin like the wheels of a cycle, As planets revolve around the sun, This writer pens familiar words like rings forming ‘inside’ the towering oak. Yes, the seasons reshape its form. Yes, the sun touches its bark warming its core against all pervading elements. New rings circle around & around, the […]

A Story Book…

Drops of Color A Story Book… with only two pages, soft, translucent. Across the ocean, its ‘binding’ secure, while the weightless orange sheets fan precisely and hold hovering long enough to glide with the sea’s breeze. The story book takes on several days of travel. When land in sight, a soft clover begins a new […]

Grief and Gratitude

  Grief & Gratitude One wing is the finest feathers of gratitude. The other wing, a meticulous pattern. The same feathers lying side by side of grief. One side is NOT divided from the other. Gratitude and Grief, when drawn together, give One the grace to fly.

Drops of Color/ This Garden

Drops of Color This Garden I am dwelling in a garden from which no one is banned except in fairy tales. Tasting of its fruit daily, I am invited to bite into the succulence of life. Revealed is the essence of goodness filling and satisfying the Soul —no one blamed for having eaten. A still small […]

About this morning…

About this morning… Beneath a sea of bubbling black licorice, my ‘soles’ have walked. Majestic stars, like diamonds, splashed in the seamless ocean flow above my head. What was different about this morning? Twenty four hours earlier, my body lay still on a table. Overhead, it certainly was  not the Milky Way. I was in […]

Drops of Color/ Fiery Furnace

Drops of Color Fiery Furnace As the night slowly begins to lift its shade and stars melt into a pool shining back upon themselves, there is a moment, the sun, a fiery furnace, flips its switch ‘on’ throughout the forest. In that brilliant  flicker, the trees reveal their true colors, and then go back instantaneously […]


Unseen It matters not what unseen path lies ahead. What matters is the courage to know when to press on or remain still for as long as it takes the journey to  unfold.

Drops of Color/ Strings

Drops of Color Strings Six strings running parallel. Its body a hollowed tree trunk. A branch shooting through the center becomes a lengthy neck. Six leaves attached to the strings —metaphoric vines. Each leaf alters the tune of the fitted strands. A hand reached for a pic and plucks E, A, D then G, B […]


FlutteringCrossing the ocean —her wings changed the winds. Broken in places —she found the strength to arrive. Lightly landing on flowers —scenting the traveler with sweet perfumes preparing its ‘fluttering’ life for its eternal departure.

Drops of Color/ A Pot of Gold

Drops of Color A Pot of Gold At the end of the pier, ‘a pot of gold.’ Metaphorically speaking, a rainbow of floating kayaks—‘wait.’ Then, the sea, the sojourner, and a single oar ‘glide’ rhythmically, harmonically, channeling the wind, the waves and the vast expanse of a voyage leading to a pot of gold that […]

Three Bees

Three Bees Three bees landed upon a  golden Sunflower. The first Bee gently let out a  soft buzz, “This padding beneath my slender  limbs is so lush and soft.” The second Bee chimed in releasing an extra buzzzzzzz and questioned, “How do you think this flower creates such a wonderous bed from which to nibble […]

Drops of Color/ Keyboard

Drops of Color Keyboard Some one turned it around. Ebony, ivory —they have taken opposite forms. Ivory has become keys of soft brown wood, brown delicate pitch. Ebony keys, now the color of snow, hang on the keyboard’s branches. Closing one’s eyes, fingers dance. A familiar waltz flutters across a long board walk. The song […]

Vivid Recollections

Vivid Recollections DAWN (0-20yrs) Crawling, an open doorway —hands grip the edge of wood. Lifting, now standing on two wobbly limbs —hands let-go then, The Fall. Attempting again and again fall after fall… Years pass —now, running through fields gliding as if on waves —swinging from branches. Peace here, but returning home —the glass ceiling […]

Drops of Color/ Above the Mantel

Drops of Color Above the mantel The warmth of the fire contained. Rising a sea and the sun setting. Vessels harbored after a long day of bringing in a catch. In the distance, you can hear laughter, merriment, folks dining on what the waters have provided. Can you see it in the painting? Perhaps, one […]

Drops of Color/ Windows

Drops of Color Windows Why do i go on sketching images of windows… leaving words on their ‘pane?’ I suppose it is the gazing ‘outward,’ and then I’m suddenly taken back to lingering memories, lasting moments. I wipe the glass again and clear the streaks. Often, I leave the window wide open letting in the […]


Totem This totem leads to here and NOW… Look no further than this place you stand… It is exactly where you are meant to be.

Drops of Color/ …Take my Hand

Drops of Color …Take my Hand Oh, this night  lures me. I am like bait on a line cast upon the black sea before me. I walked dangled between starlight and the night’s sky where a light shines brighter than the sun. Blinded am I, as You  lunge from the hidden depths to snag me […]

Drops of Color/ Weights & Measures

Drops of Color Weights & Measures Balancing scales —one side dipping down, another side rising. Who decides the values placed on the scale? If we lived the lesson —to share our surplus with the least of  our brothers and sisters —to satisfy those who hunger and thirst —to comfort those broken, filled with anguish because […]

In Gratitude of Hours

   In Gratitude of Hours “My life is not this steep hour through which you see me being swept. I am a tree standing before my background, of my many mouths I am but one— the one, indeed, that’s always first to close.  I am the space between two notes which, if wed, ring crossly: […]

Book of Hours/ Final Hour

BOOK OF HOURS/Final Hour  “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”  ~~~ T.S. Eliot Final Hour Here we are…but where? Weeks ago, at least it seems weeks, I sat before this windowpane.  Outside, there […]

Book of Hours/ 10:00 p.m.

BOOK OF HOURS/10:00p.m.  “Preach the Gospel at all times… and if necessary use words.”  ~~~Francis of Assisi 10:00pm.         Hour  The        pause      I         make between     each        word is       the      prayer    I   make      with   words! Silence         is    a       response    when         the    heart       waits     for   each            breath   and      trusts       […]

Book of Hours/ 9:00 p.m.

BOOK OF HOURS/9:00p.m.  “Follow the grain in your own wood.”  ~~~Howard Thurman 9:00p.m. Hour 9:00p.m.—this hour has its own chord. Each hour has played its own unique melody… Each a separate key on the keyboard, and yet, ‘all’ these hours hold a melody, a harmony that is lasting and eternal.  Each moment in this hour, […]

Book of Hours/ 8:00 p.m.

BOOK OF HOURS/ 8:00p.m. “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.”  ~~~Julian of Norwich 8:00p.m. Hour  Darkness has set in. Like a seed planted in the ‘ground of being,’ unmovable beneath the soil, the seed finds a way to break.  Pushing, prodding, am I like […]

Center Stage

Center Stage Divine Light has its way of ‘pointing’ to that which appears insignificant and casts its glow allowing it center stage and says… ‘the brilliance of creation would not exist without your being.’

Book of Hours/ 7:00 p.m.

BOOK OF HOURS/ 7:00p.m. In the dark I rest, unready for the light which dawns day after day, eager to be shared.  Black silk, shelter me.  I need more of the night before I open eyes and heart to illumination.  I must still grow in the dark like a root not ready, not ready at […]


Rest Today is a brilliant day to begin unfolding all the creativity birthing inside of you. Suddenly, a soft voice, or the echo of a breeze, seems to say, “Come, lie in this hammock, let yourself rest in the sweetness of savoring nothingness.” The mind, the heart, the body, embrace the stillness. Rest