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Drops of Color/ Daybreak

Drops of Color Daybreak The braided forest parts its branches. Making a way through the mist —particles knit within his woven sea of fur —a blanket of waves cresting over and over. Lifting his nose, nostrils breathe in the vast solemn liturgy. Breathing out, the emptiness carries a silent refrain. Each ‘hoof’ touching the dampened […]

Highland Boundary Fault

“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ~~~ Mary Oliver “Sometimes” (excerpt), Red Bird Highland Boundary Fault 450 million years ago a fault line formed running geologically from Scotland & Arran in the west, Stonehaven in the sun’s rising east, and traversing the Southern edge of the Cateran Ecomuseum. This, The […]

Drops of Color/ Hallowed Abbey

Drops of Color Hallowed Abbey In the meadow, a hallowed abbey. Steeples adorned the perimeter drizzled with a million flakes of snow fall. The ceilings, a painting as if by Michelangelo. Is that him?! The clouds, an image of the Artist lying on his back. Each stroke of the brush changing the patterns overhead. Sitting in […]

Take ‘her’ lead…

Take ‘her’ lead… A sandy beach. Close to shore. When the tide washes over her, she pauses. Years have shaped her stately posture. Persons come from near and far to LOOK upon her simple elegance. Endless photos ‘clicked.’ The ‘lens’ cannot consume her. Many pass her by missing her completely. The waters weep. Her depths […]


Refrigerator The sound of a machine. Around me, shelves miles high. Boxes piled, ten stories high. Dangling from the carboard containers, a rip cord. Is this a dream? Inside this place, I am ‘inside.’ Is it a fridge? It is so cold! What is this? Why am I here? Wait, the volume is swirling outside […]

…would surely go

…would surely go When I was a child, I heard a nursery rhyme about a little lamb. Its fleece, well, it was white as the snow. The adventurous feminine seedling —her name, Mary, and this little lamb followed her wherever she fashioned to go. I decided to follow them both from a distance. Granted, I am an adult […]

No Matter

Drops of Color No Matter It was early. The sun phantoms beneath the horizon’s line. A penetrating canvas knitted the night. Galaxies of starlight illuminated the dome overhead. In a tiny wooden house, the sounds of scratching heard. Small steps made atop scattered straw. Then a noise ~~~a crowing, “Cock~a doodle~do.” Moments of silence~~~gripped in […]


Cadence This is not a march. This is a dance… the cadence between seconds ‘ticking.’ The trees, like ballerinas rooted in divine pirouettes ~~~limbs swaying ~~~trunks fashioned and reshaped through Seasons of ballets. Ewes in pastures birth lambs ~~~playfully squealing they run to mama’s side for a splash of milk. Highland cows, gentle Giants, display […]

The Tenderer

The ‘Tenderer’ The world blossoms with wonder in the care of the invisible ‘Tenderer’ who lovingly circles the universe year after year, season after season, moment by moment, transforming life ‘into’ its FULLEST manifestations. “We have to consciously study how to be ‘tender’ with each other until it becomes a habit.” ~~~Audre Lorde


Feather Leaving a feather —the tiny winged creature flew into the dense forest. I left a lock of hair and trekked into the brush. Days later —I returned. The lock of hair taken —the feather still there. I picked it up placing it in my cap. It was then I heard the bird’s song…I joined […]

Drops of Color/ Birds and Feathers…

Drops of Color Birds and Feathers fly instinctively. Inviting others, they soar in patterns ~~~together. Wide is their berth —carried by winds —refreshed by waters —the ground, a feeding place. Trees, a haven. New beginnings blossom igniting fall leaves. Numerous, the varied sounds —they call, these ‘musings’ —listen and believe in their silence. Birds, hid~den […]

Paint Can

Paint Can Into a can of paint, I leapt. The colors—a museum of Monet, Angelo, Chagall AND I was standing dripping with delight. “More, more, more” I bellowed. A paint brush, invisible, delicately swiped itself across the sky. A fountain of colors changed before my eyes. I stood  holding the ground. ‘No,’ it was the […]

Drops of Color/ A Lion’s Cry

Drops of Color A Lion’s cry What happens when a Lion cries? What is it like when the beast’s roar is a lasting, enduring whimper? What does it mean when the sharp claws used for thrashing remain curled within its massive paws? What if its teeth, distinct razors, do not bite or shred or grind? […]

To have left a place better than one found it…

To have left a place better than one found it… (Inspired by the book In Kiltumper: A Year in an Irish Garden) Arriving, everything appeared so new. Taking in all the wonders… Were my eyes like a camera’s lens snapshots, one after another —no order, sequence, structure? Who was before me, holding me? What did […]

Green Dresses

Green Dresses Perhaps, a Spring sale? Shades of Green —some ‘greens’ soft, translucent others vivid, striking, blossoming. Every ‘rack’ more and more green dresses. No brand names here. No ‘designer’ holds ownership. Yes…each dress altered, shaped, fitted. Gathered eloquently at the neck lines, the greens drape down —the sleeves allow the defining brown skin to […]

Drops of Color/ Horse

Drops of Color (Inspired by Geraldine Brooks book: Horse) Horse A book came galloping into the meadow of my being. Swiftly, attempting to keep pace, I turned page after page after page. Trotting through paragraphs, black letters took on new meaning. I dropped the reins on the white pages. I heard a soft whinny. My […]

Nothing shall I want…

Nothing shall I want… Nestled. A tap heard on the window— Pulling off covers, tiny dust particles cascade down the glass. I gaze into the night sky, a solitary star. I crack open the window. Star light pours ‘in.’ I watch as the planet makes its way into my dreams. I hear song birds. The […]

When I look within the Heart

When I look within the Heart Pausing, I listen for the sound —there it is beating softly. I close my eyes hearing the rhythmic melody playing itself. I am lured like a fish drawn to bait. I swim holding the moment because it seeks not to be captured. Eyes opened. I see into the Heart […]

Why I walk

  Why I Walk Two legs— Wings lifting me. Two legs have carried me across grasslands, wet forests, snow covered mountains, gravel dirt paths, over bridges, bustling roadways, baked dry sands, puddled paths where drops of rain soaked my Soul leaving me drenched with wonder. Inviting me to step, to step again and again. My […]

Drops of Color/ Pickin’ Cotton…

Drops of Color Pickin’ Cotton From the bowels of wooden vessels draping the ocean carried against their will taken from their native land ripped from mothers’ arms they sang Their groans were hymns rising above the clanking shackles chaining them, one to another hid-den below deck they sang When they reached a new shore, paraded […]


Babylon The clouds packed the sky like milk drops in a cereal bowl blocking, holding back whatever intrepid visitor might attempt to dip a spoon and taste its substance. Music is happening… I don’t know the song— the minor octave heard. Below… breaking through the clouds the sun, a fiery dragon, lights the sky. Climbing […]

Three Chairs

Drops of Color Three Chairs ‘Hold still,’ the first chair to the right said to the middle chair. But, my leg, one of them ‘any One’ seems stuck in a crack and I’m   ___________ Before finishing the statement, the chair to the left said, ‘If you can lean toward me, together perhaps we can set […]

Here Again

‘Anthem’ by Leonard Cohen “The birds they sang At the break of day Start again I heard them say Don’t dwell on what has passed away Or what is yet to be Ah, the wars they will be fought again The holy dove, she will be caught again Bought and sold, and bought again The […]

Drops of Color/ Windows

Drops of Color The Window Sitting beside a window, I suddenly noticed the reflected glass ‘gazing’ out into my Soul. How might this be? I nudged closer to its sill, and I heard a sound drawing me closer and closer. I perched myself upon the window pane and there it was that sound, a familiar […]

…lost in heaven

…lost in heaven Walking with you each day has become a tapestry mosaic. Piece by piece, my steps, your steps ~~~intertwined. Often times, they are One. I cannot notice what is Yours? Mine? After a distance, as I glanced back, and turned, I realized that I was not changed into a pillar of salt. I […]

Drops of Color/ Sometimes

Drops of Color Sometimes in prayer… A hand creates a fist, clenching the sorrows, the lament, the senseless inability to embrace  Oneness Words crushed in tears, THEN my other hand appears as if attached a first time and cradles my braced knuckles, softening my fingertips, applying balm to my palm so the anger, the pain […]

The moment of birth…

The moment of birth… the wide expanse of a sunrise Is it enough? Everyday, casting warmth even if hidden behind an array of bundled clouds Is that enough? Birth…it is ongoing leaving the safety of a comforting cave, my mother’s womb. Life pulses amidst airstrikes: bombardments of advertisements offering more, More, MORE! Enough already!!! Beating […]

Drops of Color/ Fragments of a Self

Drops of Color Fragments of a Self Each piece a story. Every ‘frayed’ edge holds a glimmer of light discovering in pools of deep darkness vast avenues rising to the surface becoming whole. Missing pieces, searched for, lost until found. Were they deliberate, these missing pieces? Perhaps…the ‘timing’ absolute to see the significance of the […]

Drops of Color/ Dwellings

Drops of Color Dwellings Side by side, by side. Bricks, mortar. Stones, clay rooftops, windows, shutters, porches, balconies. Inside… Souls. One and many. All comprising this community growing out of the sea connecting every living neighborhood. Countless stories written here. Some lives, well, the chapters ended as we understand how some paragraphs close unfinished. Others […]

Drops of Color/ Living the Seasons

Drops of Color Living the Seasons The Season sets itself for the fading light. Darkness, a beacon —camps itself allowing the glistening of stars to dip into the black sea —an endless, colorless matte. Hidden, though the images be —in restfulness appear ‘pictures,’ ‘paintings’ once thought unseen. In the splashes of shadows —mysteries lie AWAKE. […]

St. Somewhere

St. Somewhere (Inspired by Poet Amy Gerstler, Poem for Bernard) Down here in the basement… A thousand times I have glimpsed your face, but there is not a single word listed in Webster that defines you. What I have feared the  most…well, it has never been you. Rather, I feared the ones who believe to […]

Make Straight

Make Straight How does ‘one’ make straight a path? Year after year entering this Season —a season where the dark holds its way longer than the light. Candle lit, a narrow flame ignites the space. Is the path of light, the flame flickering in a black sea… is it straight? The warm rays extend in […]

Drops of Color/ Over the Bridge

Drops of Color Over the Bridge Life sets before us encounters with bridges. We choose, decide if we shall cross or remain on a side we believe the grasses to be greener. There comes a point: —a bridge before us —NO choice —we shall cross. On the other side, we have all heard different accounts, […]

Drops of Color/ Many Shelves

Drops of Color Many Shelves… a few items delicately placed. In this house, there are ‘many’ extraordinary shelves. ‘If it were not so,’ this sketch, these words, would not have been created or written. What lies on these shelves —meant to set a  table, a dining room ready for a feast, and all are welcome. […]


Captain What secret  disturbing visitor has arrived unleashing its countless furies upon the shoreline? The flow, the rhythm, cannot be marked in time. Wave upon wave crash into rocks lifted from the sea —formations like humpback whales rising to feed. Another break —the waters crashing in upon themselves. Blankets of white foam scatter over the  […]

Drops of Color/ 4 Elements

Drops of Color 4 Elements Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. In the center of these elements…Love. A swirling Universal tapestry begun before any eye ever bore witness. Fire…unleashed itself in a cosmos —timeless, always changing, following a pattern designed, revolving through seasons, changing the tide —EVOLUTIONARY. It ripples —winds lift the lofty steeple —the grandest […]

Left Over

Left Over When we each bring our gifts to the table, not asking a price, MIRACLES happen— All are fed AND there are loaves and fishes left over.

Drops of Color/ Table for Two

Drops of Color Table for Two Reservations made… The guests were moments away adorned in ‘garments’ for the occasion. Napkins, silverware laced the table tops, glasses longing for sweet juices to swirl along their edges. Chairs held the cobble stones in place. Standing their ground, expectant —longing to ‘hold’ the partakers of the Feast. The […]


let-go Listen to the stones… Oh, they speak. Just ask the leaves who have let-go and gather beside the pulsing rocks. What do they say? Let-go so you might hear.

Drops of Color/ The Night

Drops of Color The Night The night is over~~~ the colors have dimmed. Shadows are dawning~~~ the sun soon shall appear. Please, trust me when I say, ‘There is no need to fear the darkness. If you dare to dwell in the unseen what appears invisible begins to reveal itself anew. Black & white become like […]

Meeting God

Meeting God I went to the sea to meet God The waves were fierce, casting lots when I arrived. I steadied myself upon the sand, it tickled my toes. A rip-tide wove in, curling around me. There was no longer dry land. The waves were fierce, casting lots when I arrived. I reached for the […]


Finished Finished, this day. All its cares —swept away. The thoughts that no longer matter. The feelings that keep turning themselves over & over Finished. Dust clouds will come again and a simple whisk of a brush AND Gone. If not, find the rhythm of the silent broom swaying left then right, and again. Hook […]

Drops of Color/ A Million Feathers

Drops of Color A Million Feathers Fashioned, like strands of pearls beside the shore. Strung on rocks, dainty legs balancing upon the water. A million feathers adorned by sea birds. Casting bills into the surf, engulfing fresh morsels, invisible delicacies, snapped up in a blink of an eye. The softness of feathers spread wide embracing […]

The sand silent

The sand silent The expansive body of the ocean. Waves, symphonies of timeless ballads wash ashore.  The sand silent. The stars staggered, littered by the debris of shrapnel. The blue water turns red. The expansive body of the ocean. The ocean not on fire, and the sand not a buffer. Tears became prayer. The salt […]