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Camino—Day 24

Camino—Day 24 April 18th VILLADANGOS del PARMO to ASTORGA “For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we will see face to face.  Now I know only in part; then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known.”                           […]

Within the Flame

Within the Flame The flame within the fire cannot be touched without being burned. Yet, the flame within the fire ignites the heART layers of wax melt down— warmth embraces the silent sojourners and they discover their Oneness beyond the unforseeing inability to touch.

The Reaper

The Reaper There is an hour in the day hence, the reaper comes. No, not the one separating the wheat from the chaff— (The reaper loves both). The reaper’s arrival comes with the moon’s rising and the sun’s melting descent. The moment, this hour… the elements—moon, and sun separated so it seems by a small […]

Concussion vs Superbowl Sunday

Concussion vs Super Bowl Sunday A gentle man traveled to America—to make a difference. He would have NO idea just how… A Business—cashing in on lives…husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles… never the same, yes, sons (in the moment—HEROES) until they are no longer recognizable to their families. THE GAME MUST GO ON— The Doctor mocked, belittled, […]

Camino—Day 23

Camino—Day 23 April 17th LEON to VILLADANGOS del PARMO “We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time…”                    ~~~T. S. Eliot Leaving the City Behind… The lights of the Cathedral were visible as I looked back… […]


Prophet Each of us is a prophet called by NAME… What is the message you hope to share? What is your vision? Your joy? Who is it for…yourself? Others? This ONLY you can answer. Who gains by what pours out of you? Again ask— is it yourself? Others? Listen to yourself prophet— is your understanding […]

Camino—Day 22

Camino—Day 22 April 16th MANSILLA de LAS MULAS to LEON   Stained Glass Window… The mighty Cathedral stood in the center of the plaza…one hundred twenty-five stained glass images each telling a story of the Gospels and the legends of the Saints.  The chief function of the medieval church—to instruct the illiterate.  AMAZINGLY, the people […]

Camino—Day 21

Camino—Day 21 April 15th EL BURGO RANERO to MANSILLA de las MULAS “My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think I am […]

Six Stone Water Jars

Six Stone Water Jars Six stone water jars… Go ahead count them. They were full of water— NOW…they overflow with wine. Ask the Bridegroom or ask his bride. WAIT…ask the mother— Yes, the woman who gave instruction to the servers (did they really listen to a woman?) But, that’s what it says.  She spoke. “Do […]

Camino—Day 20

Camino—Day 20 April 14th SAHAGUN to EL BURGO RANERO   This temple…my Body (A Tree) Woven into the Earth, my toes, life’s roots, curl through the mud…giving thanks to my soles which hold them, allowing them to linger in the soft blanket of grass.  My soles celebrate my heels— a strong base which allows me […]

Camino—Day 19

Camino—Day 19 April 13th CALDADILLA de la CUEZA to SAHAGUN Being in the Now Each morning I rise, I put one foot on the floor followed by the other. I do this to see if the blisters have gone down and to see if my toenails are still intact. I’m definitely in the NOW. But, […]

An Instrument

An Instrument An instrument knows it is NOT the ‘sound,’ but instead, it is the haven from where the sound reveals its essence… BOTH the instrument and the sound need each other to manifest the Harmony of their union.

Camino—Day 18

Camino—Day 18 April 12th CARRION de LOS CONDES to CALDADILLA de la CUEZA Traveling with NO-bodys They come from Germany, Brazil, Idaho, Florida, Australia, and Seattle— They traveled from Switzerland, Netherlands, Chicago, Italy, Finland and Connecticut— They arrived in St Jean Pied de Port from Argentina, California, Korea, UK (London), Spain and France, their homeland, […]

Sea of Silence

Sea of Silence Into a sea of silence I plunge… Hidden depths— I sink deeper and deeper. Beds of coral reefs of infinite colors… schools of fish sleek by— I wonder who is truly looking at whom. Down, down I go and still no bottom. I hear the sounds of the underworld as my lungs […]

Camino—Day 17

Camino—Day 17 April 11th FROMISTA to CARRION de LOS CONDES The Sun became a Candle This morning the service began with the ‘lighting’ of a candle. I walked towards the west— the sky a deep jasmine blue awaiting the night’s descent. The soles of my feet moved with the revolving of the Earth— for a […]


Walked I’ve walked within forests traveled upon rivers with foaming white waters— I’ve reached mountain tops spreading my arms like eagle wings and I’ve savored desert floors where the vapor in the air my only morsel of water— I’ve danced under a bed of stars the moon lighting the stage beneath my feet. It is […]

Camino—Day 16

Camino de Santiago—Day 16 April 10th CASTROJERIZ to FROMISTA “…I am reminded how much my own life has been squandered in posturing.  The presence that comes from making something LOOK RIGHT on the surface, while ignoring the underlying lack of integrity and the feeling of discontent that follows.  Tamed person (man/woman) addicted to the approval […]

The Flame

The Flame A flickering candle sets a blaze to a hidden place. The silence attempts to draw the light while an unexpected rush of air moves the wick ever so slightly. Now the flame is a whirl… An attempt to breathe— a desire to sit and be. A moment of STILLNESS… again, a wisp of […]

Camino—Day 15

Camino de Santiago—Day 15 April 9th HORNILLOS del CAMINO to CASTROJERIZ Please Don’t Judge A pilgrim walked ahead of me… carrying some ‘weight.’ She was a distance away, but I noticed something different in her ‘gait.’ I was getting nearer to the pilgrim AND it became rapidly apparent SHE was a double amputee… Both limbs […]

Do Reindeer Fly?

Do Reindeer Fly? From star to star they pranced. Their hooves sprinkling dust throughout the sea of ebony pursing on and on. Their ears pointed— cusping the laden air… their noses picking up the scent of celestial beings ‘looking’ on in delight. Their tails… white like pure cotton whisked the moon behooving its golden glow. […]

Camino—Day 14

Camino—Day 14 April 8th BURGOS to HORNILLOS del CAMINO Outside the Church Doors Outside the doors of the Cathedral…there she sat. The stony pavement beneath her— cold and damp. She held a small basket in her hand… She spoke not a word and barely raised her head. I dropped a coin into her basket… I […]


Harness You cannot harness a myth— yet, you can read in between the story lines— Not necessarily to create a rule or a system— still, you can choose to ‘see’ how myth invites a deeper more intimate way ~~~of creating life ~~~of being in this world and yet not of it. When I say not […]

Camino—Day 12

Camino—Day 12 April 6th ATAPUERCA to BURGOS “In a gentle way, you can shake the wor(l)d.”   Gandhi So…What Now? The ‘space’ was EMPTY only the coverings remained. So…what NOW? what could this possibly mean? The last several days played over and over in my mind like a bad dream— I wish I could wake and […]

Prizes & Punishments

Prizes & Punishments… save the rewards and the prizes for the arcades… Leave the judgements and the punishments for the law… Let us try to imagine AND live the transformational B-attitudes. No…I’m not saying to do away with the stone tablets YET they were broken ‘enough’ to allow the light to seep into ‘unfinished’ lines… […]

Camino—Day 11

Camino—Day 11 April 5th (Easter Day) BELORADO to ATAPUERCA   “Will we have served our purpose for this incarnation?  It takes so many thousand years to wake, but will we wake for pity’s sake.” (pg 120/ A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago) This morning I set out ‘mindful’ of the long stretch ahead…the […]


Today—has been given to you. Yesterday is past. Tomorrow is way beyond reach. ‘Gift’ this day with ‘your’ essence… No one else can the way you do for there IS only one YOU! ‘Be’ today.

Camino—Day 10

Camino—Day 10 April 4th (Holy Saturday) SANTO DOMINGO de la CALZADA to BELORADO  “…Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water, clean floor.  After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water, clean floor…” (pg 120/ A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago) Clouds and a soft rain blanketed this Saturday.  I recalled a story by Diarmuid O’Murchu at […]

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh “And—my plan for my life is to make paintings and drawings, as many and as well as I can— then, when my life is over, I hope to depart in no other way than looking back with love and wistfulness and thinking, oh paintings that I would have made!” Vincent to his […]

Camino—Day 9

Camino—Day 9 April 3rd (Good Friday) NAJERA to SANTO DOMINGO de la CALZADA It was a GOOD Friday morning—I set off missing a “Way” marker and had to back track.  At just the right moment with the sun NOT having yet broken the horizon’s line—I looked back and noticed two pillars in the sky…one to […]


I AM I AM a collision of stars smattering dust throughout the Universe. I AM the red clay of the Earth’s dwelling awaiting a solitary breath. I AM the tree in the center of the garden they call Eden—my fruit is for ALL to eat. I AM the living man & woman made in the […]

Camino—Day 8

Camino —Day 8 April 2nd (Holy Thursday) LOGRONO  to NAJERA “…THERE IS NO WAY TO HAPPINESS—happyness is THE WAY!” (pg 104/ A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago) This morning I set out under the stars—the eve before this day I was wakened from a sound sleep to DRUMMING.  I rushed to the window […]


NOW A small acorn tumbled down from a tree nudging itself into the bedding of the cushioned earth… The tiny acorn ‘sat’ for what seemed days asking, “What NOW?” The winds had been howling but it was a gentle breeze which ‘moved’ the acorn on its head. Looking upward— the acorn had in its site […]

Camino—Day 7

Camino de Santiago—Day 7 April 1st LOS ARCOS to LOGRONO                               A walking stick…it has become for me MORE than JUST a stick, (I’ve named her STICKEY—creative, huh?), but she likes it.  She has a cord near her top.  She prefers […]

Camino—Day 6

Camino de Santiago—Day 6 March 31st ESTELLA to LOS ARCOS   How do I begin to pen what has MOVED me when so much within me is STILL MOVIN’? I walked in so much BLISS today.  I stopped, gazed upon the rising sun enveloping the landscape as tears rolled down my cheeks drenching the soils […]

A Season of Change

A Season of Change The leaves draped in gold, orange & red begin to fade. An array of colors captures the hearts of endless leaf ‘peepers’ appearing from all directions. How haunting the duplicity of this time… we marvel at beauty and in reality we behold death. Yes, the season of summer vanishes while it […]

Camino — Day 5

Camino de Santiago— Day 5 March 30th (Easter Week) PUENTE LA REINA to ESTELLA Estella is Spanish for STAR.  AS I set out this morning walking under the stars, I walked into a fellow pilgrim who lost his direction.  We walked ‘together,’ and yet solitary, under a night sky soon meeting the dawn. We, the […]

Camino—Day 4

Camino de Santiago—Day 4 March 29th (Palm Sunday) Pamplona to Puente La Reina     The Hill of Forgiveness/Alto del Perdon For Whom the Bell Tolls— Your being stirred me, Hemingway.. I heard the bells clanging outside my window— “I HEARD”~~~Pamplona had its mystical moments for me as soon as I stood outside its cathedral— […]

Before the Dawn…

Before the Dawn… there is a hidden space unrecognized by time. It is a silent irrational moment where the blaze of darkness begins to fade and light unleashes its belt releasing hues of majestic pleasures. The birds cradled in their nesting places arise with songs— prayers…no words able to duplicate. Frogs bellowing in ponds limit […]