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Camino — Day 5

Camino de Santiago— Day 5 March 30th (Easter Week) PUENTE LA REINA to ESTELLA Estella is Spanish for STAR.  AS I set out this morning walking under the stars, I walked into a fellow pilgrim who lost his direction.  We walked ‘together,’ and yet solitary, under a night sky soon meeting the dawn. We, the […]

Camino—Day 4

Camino de Santiago—Day 4 March 29th (Palm Sunday) Pamplona to Puente La Reina     The Hill of Forgiveness/Alto del Perdon For Whom the Bell Tolls— Your being stirred me, Hemingway.. I heard the bells clanging outside my window— “I HEARD”~~~Pamplona had its mystical moments for me as soon as I stood outside its cathedral— […]

Before the Dawn…

Before the Dawn… there is a hidden space unrecognized by time. It is a silent irrational moment where the blaze of darkness begins to fade and light unleashes its belt releasing hues of majestic pleasures. The birds cradled in their nesting places arise with songs— prayers…no words able to duplicate. Frogs bellowing in ponds limit […]


Stinky O.K.— down the hill I floated… my bike splashing through the puddles left from the night’s gentle rain. I was soaring and glancing. Up ahead— directly in the path I was forging, I noticed a silky black ball of fur… a painted white line down its center. PROBLEM—you bet… The little stinker had its […]

Camino—Day 3

Camino de Santiago—Day 3 March 28th Zubiri to Pamplona The Real Work It may be that when we no longer know what to do we have come to our real work. And that when we no longer know which way to go we have come to our real journey. The mind that is not baffled […]


Thinking Stop for a moment. Hold your thought— Use your imagination to create wonders to behold. Truly ‘our’ mind is a treasure chest. It has the capacity to re-write the pages of history and it has by those persons with vision—strands of pearls. The ability to sit quietly and ‘see’— to bring to life a […]

Camino—Day 2

Camino de Santiago—Day 2 March 27th Roncesvalles to Zubiri Who is the man above AND why is he here in this journal? Let me begin by saying that this morning’s WALK began with my shadow way out in front of me… Seems my shadow might know me better or it’s walking ahead ‘checking’ out the […]

Be Imitators

Be Imitators Be imitators of ALL things good… Be the sound of the morning bird who spreads its beak spewing out melodious song simply because it can… Be the mighty oak tree stretching its branches to receive the warmth of the sun— which carries the wind and is drenched by rain… which holds the snow […]

Four Years Old

Four Years Old Four years old— and, she learns the lesson of her heart-stricken loss. A perfect world NOW muddled in mystery… her questions unsolvable and her tiny world has become a bit smaller. Loving parents try to comfort— their own understanding of loss unanswered. But now it is their little girl… their offspring they […]

Camino—Day 1

Camino de Santiago—Day 1 March 26th St Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles I stepped out ‘into’ the morning—the sun MAKING its WAY splashing hues of pink and orange upon the snow covered mountains.  The air—pleasantly crisp and I sang the tune which came to me and which I penned a while ago in preparation […]

Dr. Alexandra Dyer—Roman Catholic Woman Priest

Dr. Alexandra Dyer—Roman Catholic Woman Priest Fear often leads individuals to commit acts of inhumanity. Countless persons sit in church pews, sing ALLELUIA and believe in building HIGHER walls to keep out the poor, the hungry, the abused, the NAKED. There are those with VISION, listening to their conscience… RISKING to live the transformational GOSPEL […]


Awake The flaps over my pupils rise like a lens of a camera preparing for its first ‘shoot.’ I’m encompassed in a sea of deep gray… The shadowed outline of furnishings visible although they stand aloof. I turn allowing my feet to touch the floor and, as I rise, a sudden ‘creak.’ This time— it […]


Missing If one day I should come up ‘missing,’ search a while— ONLY a short time. AND—if I should not return, ‘seek’ me in your heart. Trace ‘our’ memories shared— sacred encounters. You know me well enough…I’ve been an EXPLORER of sorts. You may think I tread upon roads I should not have— you might […]

Camino (One day before I walk)

March 25th (One day before I walk)   Across from me… An empty chair— I sat across from it as breakfast was served. A first meal— bread broken. An array of fine spreads— steamed milk— and, a pot of fresh coffee. I bowed my head— at first, in disbelief… and then, in gratitude. The table […]

Camino de Santiago/Arrival

March 24th “This is what Yahweh asks of you; only this, to act justly, to love tenderly and to WALK humbly with your God.”  (Micah 6:8) I have arrived in St Jean Pied de Port—the beginning of what is.  Mindful of Micah’s words, I’m drenched literally and figuratively as the rain falls on this evening’s […]

The Blank Terrain

The Blank Terrain My pen dabbed the white terrain… it was then I began to walk over hills, through valleys, upon stones and curving muddy trails. The ink drizzled through steep grasses and toppled over mountain peaks. When I stopped I capped the pen. I removed my boots propping my legs upon a wooden fence. […]


Prayer… there are so many different forms, so many varied ideas, expressions, gestures and chants— none more acceptable than the other… Now, when I pray bowing my head or raising my arms with the rise of the sun… words no longer seem necessary. The sacrament of SILENCE born again.

A Flock of Preachers

A Flock of Preachers Before dawn they rose— each ‘one’ finding a pulpit. The sun still hours from cascading herself over the horizon’s line… The preachers seemed to dip ‘into’ the Milky Way and dangled from Orion’s Belt. They gathered only ‘enough’ stardust to begin their sermon. Then— the homily began. A concerto of voices […]


Splashed Colors splashed upon a naked canvas and SHE came alive— Making her way to the surface… she took a breath then plunged back into the ocean’s hidden depths.


Backpack After awhile, you begin to ’empty’ all the hidden ‘treasures’ you’ve been holding. You no longer need to put each ‘thing’ back in your pack. Maybe—you do not need to put any of the many ‘things’ back. For so long these ‘keepsakes’ have been reminders of adventures taken. NOW—they have become a part of […]

Kathryn Steinle

Kathryn Steinle… Held in her father’s arms, all she was able to whisper was “help me dad” as another UNNECESSARY bullet ‘took’ an innocent life.                              


Unknown There is something to being known… there is that sense of validation, mattering and giving our ‘being’ purpose. Yet, as seasons pass in my life there is this burning desire for being unknown… Living each moment fully yet, unrecognized— savoring the communion with life and all its infinite pleasures without being noticed. Celebrating the […]


Hourglass Each grain of sand passing through the hourglass— Unseen like time swiftly making its way ‘into’ the eternal sea— Why wait for the last grain to fall carried ‘out’ by the tide— Catch the waves that come your way— better yet… Create your own crest and ride it ‘in’ to every new today.


Unclear The picture—skewed. No-thing is clear… Walking in this mist I know what is out there.  Yet, perhaps I don’t. I cannot see what will be. Later it shall reveal itself. Until then, I walk in this fog—UNAFRAID… I’ve stepped through this BEFORE. Still, this time it is different. I’M DIFFERENT. I ‘see’ even in […]

So Small

So Small My boat so small the sea so vast. When the waters churn and my oars no longer able to steer a course— FINALLY… I trust, ‘letting-go’ knowing YOU are leading me to unknown shores.


Blame How long must we go on blaming? Is it not enough to observe and to listen to the gentle rain that at times pours itself in torrents washing clean the ‘massacre’ of innocence— NO-THING WON NO-THING GAINED… A silent voice RISES— “FORGIVEN.” The soaked earth reborn… drinking in the freshness of those who UNDERSTAND— […]

Faces of the fallen

Faces of the fallen Their lives—A Gospel Message! Love MUST reign in our HEARTS for them—for ALL!                             Rev Clementa Pinckney, Rev Sharonda A. Coleman-Singleton, Ethel Lance, Susie Jackson, Tywanza Sanders, Cynthia Hurd, DePayne Middleton-Doctor, Myra Thompson, Daniel L. Simmons  

I knew her when…

I knew her when… she ‘was’ the rising sun waking early. The whisper of the morning, her companion, paused with her in prayer. I knew her when… she’d begin to plan the ‘communion’ she would feed her family. It mattered NOT the occasion— it MATTERED her family fed. I knew her when… she’d sing in […]

A Smattering of Angels

A Smattering of Angels… pulled a lowly vessel adrift at sea. Their wings magically steeped in the wind dipping then rising creating a unique blend. All through the afternoon and into the evening, their efforts intensified as if they were in preparation for a grand event. Laying my head to rest hoping I would ‘see’ […]


EVERYTHING Why do we try so hard to ‘make’ our lives mean something? Our lives already mean EVERYTHING and in this ‘knowing’— nothing else means more…

Pilgrim…where have you been?

Pilgrim…where have you been? For weeks you followed yellow arrows— ‘markers’ pointing, guiding, directing a way. At times, ‘even’ though the signs visible, you were so fixated in your thinking that you strayed… Not for long— you sensed you were off course… still, for some unknown reason you were meant to veer. You turned yourself […]

This Solemnity

This Solemnity There is a solemn time of day when creation holds its breath for a single moment preparing to be ‘reborn’ once again as the light begins to lift the eyelids of the night… The union between darkness and light can never be contained— Still, if you watch closely the intercourse shared between these […]


Caffeination A shooting star splashed into my coffee ‘drenching’ me in brewed caffeination— Is that a word? It hardly matters… I’m dripping in a sweet, savory blend of galaxies, universes beyond reach—BUT, NOW they ARE all in my single cup of java… I’m drinking it all in while the dark milky sky bows whispering a […]


Uprooted She may be uprooted yet, she lives… Her seeds scattered by the wind, carried by the birds, tossed in life’s tempest~~~ Her Garden is an Eternal Eden.

A Vessel

A Vessel The horizon’s line so far off— The first row of clouds moved in— The waves began to heighten whitecaps sprayed without landing and the next rush of water stormed in. One drop— then another… at first a sprinkle— then an endless downpour. My vessel tossing to and fro— reaching, but nothing to hold […]