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A Lion’s Roar

A Lion’s Roar Beneath heaven’s dome I walked gazing at the sparkling jewels overhead— each glistened casting hues of universes beyond reach. Mesmerized, I ‘traversed’ the hidden landscape until a sudden roar like that of a lion ripped through the silky sheet of darkness. The roar did not cease— it only grew in strength and […]

A Laundry Day

A Laundry Day Give yourself a laundry day. Begin by ‘gathering’ ONLY yourself. Set the water temperature to a warm, comfortable setting and step ‘in.’ Reach for that delicate bar of soap… Let it caress the outer layer  of your ‘surface’— then, add a little softener. Allow a gentle rinse— breathe and spin slowly… a […]

My Soles

My Soles I’ve been to mountain tops and descended into canyons. STILL, I know where my soles touch the Earth. In this moment… when I pause and capture the gaze from where I NOW stand… THIS place… this ‘holy’ place is right where I AM to be.

Each day…her Camino

Each day…her Camino She rises— darkness seeping through the vertical blinds draping the windows in her room. Her body no longer moves with the freedoms it once knew— her living ‘tent’ awkwardly accepts the graces of her shell inviting her to awaken to this day. She grabs the sheets on her bed lifting herself… it’s […]


Fall One by one the leaves let go of the branch that held ‘them’ through this season. ‘They” fall landing upon earth’s blanket—in their death their distinct ‘being’ NOW born into an eternal “Oneness’ with Creation.

A Weaver

A Weaver A field of cotton—a store house for a Weaver with ‘prickled’ hands. Yet, the piercing must take place to bring each tender cloud ‘puff’ to the spool. Twisting, spinning, twirling— a process… now, a fine piece of thread. A loom AWAITS the strand like a lover its Beloved. Joined— a tapestry unfolding… a […]

Malala Yousafazi

“I raise up my voice—not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard.” Malal Yousafazi Nobel Prize Winner                            

Ashes & Fire

Ashes and Fire “We” are embers set ablaze~~~ ignited upon our entry into the vast mystery we call Life. Sparks ascend— at one time there existed a living inferno… yet, ‘some-thing’ smothered the flame. Call it what you will— (don’t waste time debating what it is or was), but notice all the ‘ashes’ left behind— […]

The Untamed

The Untamed A mist blankets the ground and a breath mixes with every visible droplet. One solid hoof step beats upon the earth. A sound like thunder— the dirt joining the elements dangling in the air. A single grunt— a young one comes running awkward in its steps— its mouth reaching her mother’s nipples to […]


Help Help… I don’t know what to say. Every time I pen a word, a sentence, a phrase off I go— not clear where the ink will run. I touch the paper… lift up— the tender sounds of dawn’s ‘unheard’ entrance wrap around me. Soft light appears while a chorus of insects sings an endless […]

Why not drop mussels instead of bombs

            Why not drop mussels instead of bombs We sat by the sea a friend and I delighting as the tide rolled out. The smell of salt and the wind in our hair set the stage for the performance soon to begin. They hovered in flight— the gulls dancing as […]

In Memory of Samira Saleh Al-Naimi

Lawyer and human rights defender Samira Saleh Al-Naimi executed by ISIS in Mosul 2014-09-23                               Words—her weapon of choice and she had the courage to ‘write’ them. Art Work by S. Mattucci

I AM the Goddess of Sarah, ‘Hagar’, Rebekah & Rachel

I AM the Goddess of Sarah, ‘Hagar’, Rebekah & Rachel Imagine ‘hearing’ the story via this ‘shoot’— Can you listen with new ears? The vine of this root is being spread throughout the world. Zipporah, wife of Moses… she knew the land. ‘She’ lived beneath the mountain and one day it called to her. She […]

Half-A-Century Old…And I’ve Lost My Religion

Half-A-Century-Old…And  I’ve Lost My Religion Half-A-Century— to some…a mere passing of years to others…a million years. Quietly immersed in the cup of my life, I’m pouring out what is no longer necessary— my religion. It is not like I woke today and began spilling out all unnecessary ‘content.’ Actually, without even realizing it—it was as […]

Mystical Union

Mystical Union When darkness and light met a first time, no ONE viewed this MYSTERY… yet, ‘we’ have been ‘invited’ to be a part of this mystical union EVERY day and in every ‘single’ breath.


Caught My Beloved and I— we have been caught… Our love could not be hidden… So long…so very long I wanted to keep this secret locked away but, when we sit— gazing ‘into’ one another’s eyes… When we touch— a warmth connecting our be-ing… We breathe in intoixicating passion. IT’S OUT— All this intimacy breathed […]

Dust the House

Dust the House It’s time to dust the house— a thorough sweeping required… The cob webs… they’ve hung far too long— even the spiders have disappeared. The mats… shake them~~~hang them from a branch so the air can find hidden passages and remove the clogged rubbish. Open windows… ‘see’ what you have been missing— the […]

The Enclosure of Silence

The Enclosure of Silence So long creeping into a mystery of unknown— The branch I’ve rested upon being weighted down by this new transformation only now preparing to set itself free. No rush— this would only put an end to what has seemed an eternal wait. It’s so warm in here— cozy really— Still…I cannot […]


Tears Today… my words were as drops of rain steadily falling from heaven’s dome. One after another fell— casting pools across a vast area of land. I chose to step into a pool… the water knee deep then another— waist high. I continued stepping in and out of the waters until I dipped into a […]


Stumbling Like a race horse set in ‘the gate,’ I awaited the sound of the bell. There it was— off I went but, I was not in a race. I was so sure footed… my hooves kicking up the ground beneath me. I was beyond a trot… a gallop… it was almost as if I […]

Upside Down

Upside Down That is exactly what you have done… Will ‘anything’ ever be right side up again? This I doubt! You pushed me ‘down’ into the soil… replanted my B-ing— In the darkness… like a ‘weed’ I began to stretch, trusting only what you give me. You said, “Trust me.” I let go of my […]

The Veil

The Veil It’s gone— it’s been torn in two. Stop trying to mend or stitch it back together. Don’t attempt to suspend it. Down, down…its been removed. Look, look at your naked self. Remove the veil— it can be ‘seen’ through anyway. The only one not ‘seeing’ is YOU… You see in others the you […]


Confession I’ve disappointed many persons in my lifetime… I’m certain I’ll disappoint a few more. NOT by conscious choice— certainly not …in fact, my entire being has held the weight of the voices letting me know or not know by silencing themselves from my world. For those moments I ask forgiveness—it was all I had […]


Purpose In a quiet room she sits beside her mother— the last breath shatters the silence and she holds the hand that once held hers. A man touches a soft cloth to his Beloved’s forehead. Sixty-six years of wedded bliss… his wrinkled chin touches her cheek. He remembers their first “I do” and cannot imagine […]

Right Now—Inches Away

Right Now—Inches Away (Inspired under the wise tutelage of June Gould, Poet/Teacher, Skidmore College 2014/ womensvoiceswomensvisions.com) Since you asked, I will answer you… You wear a collar and you think it gives you permission to break open TRUTHS— I DON’T want your collar and you’ll never imprison this soul from breathing in ‘Creation’s Truths.’ You […]


Popsicle A poet’s tongue knows how to lick the frozen glass, remain ‘unstuck’ and instead… go on licking as if sucking on a popsicle savoring the juices and letting them splash through her pen.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Imagine what no ‘eye’ ever beheld. A vast sea of darkness~~~ Moving, making way, swirling like a concoction whirled in a blender set on HIGH— Still, invisible. Then, it was the dark that made A WAY for the light… It split itself so a brilliant ‘glow’ could be made […]

The Writer

The Writer Staring at a white sheet of paper— no lines. And then… “some-thing” nudges— write. Words one after another pour from a soul let loose like a river. All at once the flow~~~calm. Then they begin cascading over and over the once ‘blank’ sheet. The pen unleashed in the writer’s hand now hits the […]

A Fragile Mind

A Fragile Mind Perhaps, for individuals whose encumbered minds begin to wane, there is great gain. Just hear me. They no longer know ‘ANYTHING’— most of all who ‘THEY’ are. They no longer have to wonder or question this ‘BEING’ any longer. Is there gain in this? For the on-looker there is a search… A […]

The Book of Life

The Book of Life Is your name written in the Book of Life? Why, of course, it is! If you think it NOT— Start writing! If you think you cannot write, begin putting your pen or pencil to a piece of paper and let whatever words spill out fill the sheet WAITING— Draw your name! […]


I AM You spread your arms raising them beyond the mountain tops. You call down the morning dew wetting the landscape. Your leafy hair gives shade to the birds that occupy your branches. You, a haven, a sturdy shelter— In ‘your’ center a heart beats echoing through your trunk a sound only the ‘tuned’ ear […]