Entries by Sandy

A Bridge

A Bridge I stood upon a bridge staring ‘outward’ Before my eyes I witnessed the trees swaying above my head I saw the water swiftly moving beneath my feet As I gazed to my left and then to my right I saw the beginnings of the bridge’s path What was the beginning? Or the ending? […]

What if

What if… What if all the streaming bodies of water came from the tears of those whose lives fashioned the earth What if they cried until the depth reached fathoms too deep to measure What if their flow created the majestic waterfalls that, to this very day, spill over with a power and strength that […]


Distractions Distractions… Then the silent pounding of heart strings Cares, worries, anxieties Then a hushed breath in, out, in A symphony of noises playing in the mind THE SILENCE~~~sweet, tricky & luring COME BACK…I know you’re there The echo of events Then back to quiet refrain Is this the ebb & flow of my deepest […]

Darkness and Light

Darkness and Light The crown of darkness enveloped the sky’s canopy… its face hidden with delight as if never to be discovered Ahhhhh…creeping in like a match to a wick a light tore the velvet blanket of black hues For a moment the two jostled poking an elbow here and there attempting to make room… […]

No One Sees

No One Sees No One Sees and it scarcely matters During the night she muses from deep within her the loom ‘inside’ yields the thread anticipating her masterpiece Hung between a frame of branches she spews ever so freely a wave of silk dangling row by row transfixed by playful extensions of herself She moves […]


Sanctuary In the sanctuary of my soul the opening service does not begin with the cascading sounds of bells chiming in unison No, instead it is the song of the cicadas and the symphony of forest insects all echoing at once a dance of rhythmic sounds The sweet incense is not the smoke from a […]

Vantage Point

Vantage Point From ‘one’ perspective a single view upon which all thoughts, ideas, values, beliefs are born Then one day a stirring as a single gaze into the stars reveals a perspective unexplored If only to touch one single star and so I climbed and climbed and climbed… the darkness penetrated by the Milky Way, […]


Drops The mist a lure into the secret world of ‘nothingness’ Captured, Spirit now hanging from a lonely branch of pine needles drops of moisture clinging to their ‘heads’ Yet… nothing here is a possession all drink freely awaiting the sun which itself will sip from the dew drying almost every last drop until the […]

A Heart in the Woods

A Heart in the Woods See it? It is always there even when darkness tries to hide its image See it? In dawn’s early rising light seeps into its open crevices See it? A heart In its center a towering tree rises from an earth which holds tenderly the roots spread like a bed of […]

Holy Ground

Holy Ground Was it ‘Holy Ground?’ How could it not be… every step touching the face of the earth is ‘Holy.’ Mindful of my footing, I climbed the mountain where the peregrines lie. I looked up momentarily and in front of me…a cairn nestled beside a red leafy tree~~~ Could it be a burning bush? […]

The Preacher

The Preacher Her pulpit a rock She perched on a delicate green blanket of seaweed. The ocean’s bounty trickles upon her feet~~~ Her sermon, only SILENCE and she prepares for communion. She waits, and waits, and waits. Her eyes wide open~~~ her pupils scan for any motion… Suddenly, after all the waiting, waiting, waiting, right […]

Poem: One Single Drop

Before any human eye Beheld or grasped One single drop A splash Cascading circles Expanding On going and then another drop and another Nothing contained Endless transformation Darkness betwixt With celestial bodies, galaxies Explosions of stars Sprinkling dust In the grandness of a cosmos Beyond understanding Formations of Life abound Ripples creating endless newness and […]