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Do You See In Color?

Do You See In Color? How do you See? Do you allow colors to blend, mix and change creating hues as breathless as the morning’s sunrise? Have you separated the magic in each unique design holding the ‘grace’ hidden within the uniqueness of its spring? Please tell me we’ve moved beyond which tantalizing color is […]

Empty…the True Full?

Empty…the True Full? You’ve heard the question, “How do you see the glass— half full or half empty?” Accolades have gone to the ‘viewer’ who sees the ‘content’ half full. What if… the one who truly is the ‘seer’ is the one who views the image empty? The empty glass reveals its deepest essence no […]

I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry I’m sorry for ever having doubted you. I’m sorry for not sitting with you long enough because ‘everything’ else seemed more important. I’m sorry for saying “Yes” when I really meant “No” because I was worried I would not be accepted. I’m sorry for being so frightened that I did not act for […]

Super Bowl Monday I

Super Bowl Monday I You read correctly it is Super Bowl Monday I… What is she saying? Yes, you are reading and thinking, “Where is this going?” Imagine… It is Super Bowl Monday I. You turn on your T.V. (if you have a T.V.) and every station is focused on this BIG day… Especially the […]


Nothingness My head upon a pillow— I am still and ever so silent listening ONLY to the hush of wonder. My mind traces memories and I recall their moments quickly closing their chapters to rush back to the ‘nothingness.’ I breathe. There it is—‘nothing’ and I welcome its absence. “Stay, stay,” I cry as another […]


Vanished “God, God…” This, a name shouted in the frigid night. “God” (Perhaps you, too have called except by a different name). God…a word taught to me from my youth. For so long I sought, waited, longed for and I cried out all the more…”God.” Now, a rush of blustery wind sweeps the ‘word’ I […]

Everything Has Its Time

Everything Has Its Time (Adapted by this writer from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) For every NEW day a season begins. Yesterday shall never be seen and today heaven lies under the soles of our feet. We are birthed into creation and so we shall die only to be re-birthed. Like a seed pushed into the darkness we, […]


Exposed The birth of winter here again. Her frosty face is everywhere you glance. The nakedness of the season uncovered— The trees once adorned with leaves NOW exposed… Their trunks held by the frozen earth while the branches click a different song through winter’s windy blast. Winter gives time for silent reflection and reveals hidden […]

Did You Hear the Hoot?

Did You Hear the Hoot? Dusk moved into the day’s sky lit by the sun. Darkness came creeping into the brisk frigid night. The holy word opened. A message proclaimed… ‘Prepare the Way.’ John’s ‘wild‘ voice… Urgency spoken as one by one they came to the Baptist submerging themselves into the River Jordan. He saw […]

Stay Awake

Stay Awake …Advent begins— they call it a season of waiting~~~ or AWAITING what has and is already ‘in‘ the world. In ‘many’ ways my spirit takes in ‘all’ the chaos— not with the busy-ness of shopping, gift-giving, rushing here and there— BUT, rather in the unexpected… ‘Seeing’ the fragility of Life— …a beautiful mind […]


Silhouette Yes…there you are. Hidden within the formless void an outline of being. A shadow perhaps ‘more’ real, alive, displayed than when eyes, ears, mouth and nose revealed. Open to imagination… your ‘gaze’ seen by no one. Expectations vanished. Illusions removed. Only You who you really are— a perfect self at One with the whole. […]


Forgiven Can you forgive me at last? Can you move beyond all the ‘pasts’? Can you ‘see’ how much it has held you back…holding on to what is not yours? Pick up that mirror— look into those eyes… that is whom you must forgive. Go ahead break the glass. Now look into every shattered piece. […]


Bliss Sweet ‘Whisperer’ the One who lulls me from my sleep— Each day you sprinkle stardust upon my brow awakening my gentle soul to get up~~~ “Come, come~~~you say” let us take our leave while the night sky is still young.  No one will ‘see’ us… it is only you and I. Let us spend […]

One Last Splash

One Last Splash The sea— an enormous sheet of glass. Its ‘silent’ movement rocked the group plunged in as if for one final hurrah. There they were like the Rockets… one after the other ready to step, kick, glide and then swoon. Their attire— endless colors and the hues melted within the waxy waters. I […]

Take Your Pick

Take Your Pick As she picked the fruit from the Tree she held it in her ‘gaze,’ AND then began to toss it from one hand back into the other. What would happen when she sank her teeth into its juices? Who really was the Author in this story? A single bite?  Oh no— the […]


Rolling The movie started before it actually began. I had a front row seat. It was dark— only the stars seemed to light the screen. The sound was a million insects, if not more, all singing their familiar tune. The leaves cackled and the creatures stirred as I listened to a click a clack of […]


Paradox The leaves on the trees fade with color. People come from near and far to take in the ‘painting’ stretched out upon an endless canvas. Pictures taken ‘capturing’ moments… Brilliantly ‘we’ embrace death’s final memory. Did that come out correctly? Did I write the word death? We try to run from death’s sting. Blinded […]

A Milk Truck

A Milk Truck Last night a milk truck traveled through the galaxies with no specific destination. It casually bumped into a few stars… banged into a few meteors creating a shower of cream. A few planets drank to their heart’s content til alas one stop— a celestial wonder to behold. Luna licked her lips and […]


Beloved …what I’m about to pen I do not even understand. Still the ink from within your dwelling flows… my spirit invited to write. Beloved— you wait, and have been for so long.  Your bride is near her longing has been before ‘anything’ ever was. They…the ones leading the people~~~they have never grasped her.  They […]

A Fading Flicker

A Fading Flicker Sitting silently in the darkness I watched a candle begin to fade. Slowly its illuminating flicker began diminishing. Yet, its glow swaggered from side to side~~~like a solitary dancer softly taking a few final steps— the wick no longer a glow. For a moment I held my breath. “No,” my insides shouted, […]

You Won’t Believe This but…

You Won’t Believe This but… You won’t believe this but… a little girl with long golden locks attempted to hide each time her mother tried to set them in rollers. During the night the wild goddess pulled them out. She did not want her hair draped over her nipples as if to cover them…for shame. […]

The Dreaming Wanderer

The Dreaming Wanderer A lonely dawn awakened the dreaming wanderer while drops of rain spattered along the window’s sill. Lying ever so still steeped in each ‘pounding’ drop my heart began to follow rhythmically the flowing cadence spilling down from above. I cupped my hands as if in prayer and imagined a slide~~~the waters rolling […]


Mary Mary, can you see? Mary…can you see? Yes, it is truly me… Mary, I am here. I am always near. I AM the whisper in the wind— the voice of the chirping bird. I AM the fragrance of the rose and I sit within a butterfly’s wing. Mary, can you see? I know that […]

A Practice

A Practice I’ve heard it said that singing is like ‘praying’ twice. As an artist who likes to breathe life onto a page of blank paper, I believe creating works of art is like praying for a first time…again and again. A naked canvas— a sheet of ’emptiness’ waiting or waits for a touch of […]

A Wedding Feast In Cana

A Wedding Feast In Cana Did you hear? A wedding feast in Cana— what a celebration it was— they actually ran out of wine. We know a woman was there. For ‘some’ reason she took it upon herself to go and tell her son— Yes, he was at the wedding as well. But, she told […]


Not in My Name Not in my name— I laced my shoes taking them off sorrowfully laying them upon the stone altar. No more would I step into this barren womb glittered in gold marbled statues— wooden crosses. Follow me that is what He said… He did not say fall down and worship me. He […]


Dissolve Who am I? I sat in the darkness of a room whose only light gently flickered from a candle’s wick. The flame danced left then right as it swirled again and again casting a performance on the walls… a ballad designed for only this moment. A tear formed in my eye and ran down […]

Alabaster Jar

Alabaster Jar An alabaster jar sits empty upon an unknown shelf—somewhere. Three tiny flowers are dipped in its hollowed walls while the sweet scent of perfume lingers upon the jar’s smooth lips. Yes, lips that once poured out their fragrance upon a body being made ready for its burial. A Beloved follower— ‘She’ knew~~~BELIEVED the […]

Mary’s Lamb Named Ewe

Mary’s Lamb Named Ewe Mary had a little lamb She chose to name her Ewe. No one knows the story of where Ewe came from—not even Mary. Every where Mary went, Ewe seemed to follow… Ewe listened to whatever Mary said and did whatever she asked. There was something very different about Ewe. Ewe was […]

Infinite Wonder

Infinite Wonder My heart steeped in dew barely rises in between each breath. So heavy, my heart, in sorrow. Still, it knows the joy of bliss. A red bird sings. Its voice soars echoing through the mighty branches swaying in the breeze. My heart lifts to reach for the song it knows it can sing […]

Rain Drops

Rain Drops… My words intermingled in rain drops. As soon as the ink touches the paper, a splash falls down upon it erasing whatever surfaced. How to begin? One tear falls and then another— How can there be celebration in the streets when one by one by one life is taken… limbs of life lost… […]


Sophia Upon the shore balancing on the rocks like a trapeze artist, ‘she’ was all around me. Each wave rolling over and over spraying me—filling me with glee. I was soaked in wonder. We played hide and seek. When I caught her, I held her knowing I had to let go for she could not […]

A Girl

A Girl Her small voice hushed the noise of the T.V. blaring news of a new Pope. She looked up at her mom and, with utter delight, she inquired… “Can a Girl be a Pope?” Her eyes full of wonder… her heart awaited a response to a question that for years had been answered with […]


Participant You… have set my ‘feet’ knotting them— telling me a Woman where I can and cannot go. You have held my voice~~~ ‘sealing’ it, allowing me to set the table, prepare the food, but you hold me back from sharing the words. You decide what is best for my body even after it has […]

The Tempest

The Tempest For a time the swirling winds of the rushing tempest seemed to have ceased. I walked amongst the trees… we chatted. A simple song they sang… the gentle breeze echoed through their branches. My heart space ‘wonder-struck’… A calm serenity was found in the still silence. Then, without notice pellets of hail, sleet […]

Be Still

Be Still Come sit gently upon the budding flowers. Suckle sweetly the tender juices…in the heart of the garden’s abundance. Be Still~~~ taste and see all you ever needed or wanted is all around you. It is not simply around you it is within you. Sit quietly and be still.


Frigid Frigid… I see my breath in the framework of the night— it shatters like a thousand tiny pieces of icicles in mid-air. The cold creates pools which form in the very corners of my eyes… they slip down freezing before they spill from my chin. The blustering wind pierces my cheeks like a sewing […]

Our Mother

Our Mother Our Mother You are throughout the Universe strewn in between the galaxies and infinite solar systems. You are in every star beaming within the Milky Way. Holy Woman is your name. Your Creation is NOW and shall be for as long as you desire. There is no separation from the Cosmic Wonders you […]

Yellow Flowers

Yellow Flowers When I was but a child, I wore a shirt of yellow flowers— it was so beautiful. I held it in my hands for a long time before draping each of my arms through its sleeves~~~slender shoots. I buttoned each circular sphere imaging myself that very flower blossoming open with so much wonder… […]

What Gift do you Bring?

What Gift do you Bring? A piece of Paper— empty, life-less… without color. A box of Pencils— endless colors… sitting, as if in waiting. For so long their ‘points’ longed for union~~~connection. A Story— in a mind always creating… still~~~holding back WONDERING, PONDERING, HESITATING. What gift can I bring? Then ‘She’ knelt upon the frozen […]

The Empty Pitcher

The Empty Pitcher Pour out the contents— every last ounce of ‘whatever’ remains; let it spill out and dissolve so that it might not be found ever again. Hollow, the Pitcher at last… This is how it first arrived in the world after being held, kneaded and placed in a fire— it came out of […]

The Trees Are Crying

The Trees Are Crying They know what is coming. A storm is approaching— They, yes, each tree big & small, tall & short, barren & filled with autumn’s last leaves~~~ Each begins to sway. The wind holds nothing back… branches click and clack and then a ‘break’ and then a silent rumble as the tree […]

Ghost Wagon

Ghost Wagon You ‘see’ it don’t you? I mean really ‘see’ it is anything but ‘hollow.’ At night—it is then you can see it and them— Yes them… When the stars light the sky, the canopy covers the wagon. A team of galloping stallions begins shuffling its hooves. Inside…there they are artists in their own […]

Little One

Little One What did you find? Oh, yes…it is a treasure… It is such an amazing ‘gift’ that you could never put it in a box with a pretty ribbon for it cannot be contained. My only wish… no one take away what you’ve discovered… I pray you are not told ‘ARISE’…look how dirty your […]


Pufffffff… How could I pick it? How could I not and yes, so I did… I took a deep ‘breath’ and blew ‘the seeds‘ not 10 not 20 not 30 so many more. ‘They’…each tiny seed caught in the wind’s~~~ whisper and spread to places of newness to lands, waiting for that one seed to […]


Incarnation… Began with the birthing of dawn out of the brilliance of darkness. Stardust drizzled from a bursting star gifting the landscape. A single breath through a nostril of Divine Wonder brought into life’s Cosmic Mystery Humankind… ‘we’ were added to the dance— to the ebb & flow— to relational love-making of Holy Awe. ALIVE~~~ […]

Get On

Get On Quick, quick come quickly now. Yes…it’s time. You know… You see… Come…get on— that’s it. Now… all together. Listen… can you hear it? It is silence~~~ Quiet now… Empty all thought… isn’t it beautiful? Still, still, still The echoes of silence. Get on, get on before you ‘rush’ to get off. Keep balanced— […]

Where Will Our Children Play

Where Will Our Children Play We wake and both choose our favorite blend. Aroma rising… ‘we’ fill our cups to the brim. You pick up the paper— I put down the noise. You read the headlines— I gaze at the stars. In between sentences you hear about the violence and wars while I’m perched hearing […]

Down the Block

Down the Block Down the block… the past unseen and it was brimming with life. No one ‘saw’ the first ‘Son’ rise or beheld all the shooting stars. No one witnessed the first flower— unfolding petals created landscapes of carpeted cushioned beds and yet ‘she’ stood apart, separate from any rib. She already was because […]