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Let Me Flutter

Let Me Flutter A broken wing —still it fluttered. The passage of unmarked time. A soft veil torn beneath skin. A gentle hand dove in weaving torn strands clinging to this limb. Round and round a cocoon formed holding a branch clinging to this living tree of being. A wing, a limb, a branch, a […]

…hold the stage

…hold the stage You hold the center of an endless menagerie of wild flowers. Your ears catch the wind like billowing sails. Your nose cradles the scent of feathering grasses brushing against the blanket of your coarse fur. The sun, like a spot light, casts itself on your delicate presence. For a long moment, you […]

Drops of Color/ Rainbow of Puddles

Drops of Color Rainbow of Puddles Slender bristles separate, yet bound together, dangling from a wooden rod. Each strand seeking ‘the color’ revealing an essence of its individual self. Only inches away a palette lay…a rainbow of puddles, pooled separately. The rod, rocking back and forth, not of its own making, but that of the  […]

In His Eyes

In His Eyes Was I gazing into my own eyes? Laugh if you will… I was. There he stood, a few feet away on four slender posts. They held his wobbly gait… but it was his eyes. Was I love struck? Black ‘pools” like liquid glass, they ‘flowed’ through me… Gently, I spoke, he took […]

Drops of Color/ Undecided

Drops of Color Undecided Do I go up the stairs or do I walk down the stairs? Who or what determines where the stairs begin? What if they never end? Why is ascending the  path we seemingly aspire to climb? Do we fear the descent because at its deepest roots we could actually discover our […]


Fashioned You, fashioned by the dawn… a musical note flowed from your windpipe. Your feathers stretched themselves. From left to right instinctively, you spread yourself wide…. The song growing inside now heard as  you began to fan your wings. Carried by the sun, rising to your tune, a new day begun. You laid down a  […]

Drops of Color/ Full Bloom

Drops of Color Full Bloom When you unfolded, the heavens rejoiced. The waiting—an eternity. Now, that you arrived, each moment that proceeded this dawning ~~~alas, makes sense. I don’t want to close my eyes. The petals of your presence have attached themselves to my Soul. Yes, my Soul, in full bloom. It did not even […]


Itself In opposite directions, arms reach. One end digging deeper into the soil grounding itself firmly. The arms above spread out in a manifestation of praise extending an eternal reach as if knowing it is met and held. Clinging to what is invisible, its weight does not deter its unwavering extension. As seasons change, as […]

Drops of Color/ The Interview

Drops of Color The Interview The interview began. “Please, take a seat.” Which chair do you wish me to sit upon? “The empty one.” Excuse me, but… “I’m sorry, I did not hear you. What did you ask?” It was nothing…I’m simply going to sit. “Good, good take all the time you need.” Wait, I’m […]

Poetry is old…

Poetry is old… like the soils tucked in between the threads of my hiking boots. I continue to trek through forests— old manuscripts are printed in the bark of the trees. The sun casts its glow on the entirety of the manuscript, but it is the moon that drops the shadows and, when I lay […]

Drops of Color/ This Side

Drops of Color This Side There in front of a calm stream ~~~a bridge. A bridge with an unwritten invitation, ‘Come, crossover.’ So, cross over I did. Now, that I was over what I crossed was I on another side? If I crossed back ‘over,’ would the bank across the way be another side…again? Bridges […]

What did you see today?

What did you see today? (Excerpt from a Journal/Pilgrimage along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, Wales/ 2019) I saw drops of rain~~~ turned-on like a faucet on high. I was drenched until the sun burst~~~ A soft wind carried a sail boat across the sea and it hovered around me… I moved~~~ the sail of my […]

Drops of Color/ Tear Drop

Drops of Color Tear Drop The form of  a  tear drop hangs from pines. A choir  bellows from this ‘spun’ papier-mâché’ drop ~~~dangling effortlessly. A single entrance carved out at the bottom. The community worked from the sun’s rising until the stars appeared. Chewing upon wood fibers, the workers blend their saliva—‘wasp spit’ creating the […]

Web of Being

Web of Being You held the sun between glimmering threads. You did not capture its flame. Instead, you allowed the impregnating light to reveal the essence of spun creativity. Passing-by, had I blinked, I would have missed this divine manifestation. This web of being invited me to lay back and take in the delicate, detailed […]

Drops of Color/ The Entrance

Drops of Color The Entrance The doorway opened itself wide…releasing its hinges. The architecture surrounding its space was strong like bar bells secure like a knot in a rope and held a delicate design… like petals lapped around a flower. The wood dipped in varnish darkened like a pool beneath a mid-night sky. The stone-cut, […]

Another Version of Psalm 23

Another Version of Psalm 23 How can I be glad    when I hear you weeping? You, who have been my Shepherd,    I want to dry your tears. How I wish to allow you to lie down    instead of wondering if another shot will be fired. I live in green pastures,    and […]

Drops of Color/ This View

Drops of Color This View From here —the view appears      eternal. Time seems to       hold its hands —each tic      every toc      ECHOES. Beyond the valley,      the mountains       ‘catch’ the refrain      launching it skyward. Softly, the       sounds drizzle     […]

Words keep getting in the way…

Words keep getting in the way… (A Journal Entry walking the Camino St Francis/September 2019) What do you say when words keep getting in the way to describe You? You are more than a feeling— You are beyond all thought— You are NO-thing— You are EVERYTHING… Along a path, a tiny flower grows from a […]

A Place

A Place There is a place I go to be alone. It is sturdy, and it has been here well beyond the years I know of its actual existence. I pray it will be here long after I have passed, and another might seek its solace, its comfort, and its wonder. This place knows when […]

Drops of Color/ Design

Drops of Color Design Who designed your outer wear? What makes up your daily uniform defining what you do, who you are, how you ‘attempt’ to present yourself? Does the outer design hold many colors? Is the fabric a solid shade imitating crayola? When the garment of your outer self removed and your nakedness appears— […]


Clouds Did you ever wonder how a cloud moves? Floating particles gather in an array of forms. Sometimes, I imagine I see a family of porpoises gliding in the sea of blue. Other times, the clouds are a marching band. Stringed instruments roll on by while a series of drums and buglers float on. Today, […]

Drops of Color/ For Brian

Drops of Color For Brian When he saw them… Immediately, he knew —their white button down shirts —their black tapered suits —their ‘fine’ beaks     tipped so,     so that every morsel of sustenance     filled the little ones beside     their patent leather boots. He fell in love with these […]


Tulips You cannot  look at a tulip and walk on by… Can you? Look, look at its vestments…the finest tailor could not replicate. Soft pinks, glamorous yellows, striking reds and passionate purples dazzle us in this season of Spring. Short-lived yet, each year we welcome their arrival. The tulip bursting from earth’s womb… Littering life […]

Drops of Color/ Beneath the Boardwalk

Drops of Color Beneath the Boardwalk The boardwalk beckoned— instead, I dove below. Surfacing, I heard the  footsteps overhead, and suddenly the soft echo of surf chimed in. Beneath the boardwalk, a sort of amphitheater ensued. The sound played a soft ballad. Several sailing vessels passed-by. A few fish swam at a distance. They blew […]


Buoys Plunging into a sea ~~~green feathered stalks stood swaying in the ebb and flow of a balmy breeze. Slowly treading water around me in every direction, yellow buoys broke the surface. They appeared like a million faces lit by the sun… Overhead, the skyscape ~~~a blue canopy holds patches of seabirds, their wings casting […]

Drops of Color/ The Arch

Drops of Color The Arch From the window, twelve sealed frames. All who enter the arch below or exit beneath its halo are made visible. The arch— what is seen from within its held space —endless stories —legends told —myths created —truths held —footprints vanished —timeless trails blazed. There is an unknown element that cannot […]

It’s Time

It’s Time Clearly, it’s time. Perhaps, I knew a long time ago…it was clear then, but I was not ready to say, ‘Good-bye.’ I learned a lot from you. I’m grateful even to this day. Yet, my path is different so I’ll ask you to excuse me. If you cannot, that’s o.k. ‘Cause it’s time […]


Fly I am learning  in all things to spread my wings and fly. Even if my wings are clipped, broken, I know the  essence of flight. The season, the times, my guides. These, I have come to trust. The wind calls— it is this moment NOW I rise flying in what appears the opposite direction. […]

Drops of Color/ The Scenery

Drops of Color The Scenery You held the ‘oar’— all I had to do was ‘be’ in the moment. Whatever way the gondola  sailed, it was in your hands. I paused… First, I reached— then, I pulled my arms back in. Second, I heard a gurgling in my throat, words rising, then ‘something’ within stirred—shhhhh! […]

He said, ‘Follow me.’

He said, ‘Follow me.’ And, so I have. I try each day. He always seemed to say, ‘Be not afraid.’ I believe he learned these words from his mother who bore him and, I have spent my  lifetime following this man. He went about walking parched paths. He spoke to anyone, everyone who would listen. […]

Drops of Color/ A Window

Drops of Color A Window A soft wind echoed pushing a rock with enough effort that the stone let-go. Like Rapunzel’s hair —broken bits of the canyon wall slid and, like waves crashing into the shore, you could hear the plumbing avalanche causing dust to envelop the sky. A whispering breeze ensued pushing away particles […]

Will these people…

Will these people… This moment  a mist eerily moves  like a milky shadow enmeshed in a sky painted in the sweetest essence of black licorice. Tasting this day, this hour, the moon in her fullness dangles unperturbed moving willfully in the  pattern entrusted and designed by the One who seeks no name. How we have […]

Drops of Color/ Today

Drops of Color Today I created a sketch, then another unfolded, followed by a third and fourth. Lately, I’ve turned off the T.V., refrained from news. I opened my windows wide, the sound of song birds —music to my ears. Colors splashed on paper. The ink ran dry but, I found another pen, another pencil. […]

I had a sketch pad…

I had a sketch pad… I had a sketch pad. I had a sketch pad filled with empty pages. White empty pages began to fill with colors. Like Autumn’s leaves, the sketch pad burst with hues—reds, yellows, oranges. I had a sketch pad filled with faces —Faces of passers-by. I had a sketch pad that […]

Drops of Color/ Blossom

Drops of Color Blossom The Earth shook. The ground quaked. Thunder parted the clouds. You lie in fallowed soil unseen, invisible, hid-den. No One called you to take the stage. A bell did not chime signaling your time. Lights weren’t beaming on/off queuing you. You moved like a silent hush. You adorned yourself with a […]


Way There is not a single moment nor an hour that ‘creates’ a Way. More, like a path formed, wild flowers stretch alongside the carved walkway. Springing to life, a solitary word… sometimes the letters allow that single word to take root. It grows through the  summer spreading itself in an open window. Without notice, […]

Heaven’s Corner

Heaven’s Corner I stood on a corner searching for a stone— a corner stone that revealed Heaven. I had dreams of heaven. So many stories told. I wanted to see it— I wanted to know it for myself. So I stood on a corner in search of a stone— Heaven’s cornerstone. I stood for a […]

Drops of Color/ Quieting the Mind

Drops of Color Quieting the Mind When quieting the mind, images revealed. Shadow sides expose the roots, nurture the blossoms     of the One sitting     in an open meadow. Everything suddenly connected. No-thing is ever divided except when the ‘thinking’ believes it knows all the answers. When the mind is quiet, knowing […]

Exposed again

Exposed again Beneath a blue drenched winter sky, a cloud floats on by like sifted flour. I peer out, as if perched below a table, gathering each breath so as not to reveal myself. Looking, searching —scanning the clock of the day’s minutes ticking by, I am mindful of harvest. Harvest is so far away […]

Drops of Color/ History/HERstory

Today, is the last Thursday in February —this month honors/celebrates/remembers Black History. My sketch highlights Kamala Harris, the first woman, the first African American/South Asian woman to become the Vice President of the United States of America— Perhaps, this is a first of many more to come where all women will make History/ HERstory.   […]

Thank You

Thank You The ground  had spoken. At first, a reluctance to believe actual words were heard. Was someone speaking —someone unseen, unnoticed lurking behind trees? Painted shadows marked the ground. Was it a person disguised filling my ears with  the illusion of sound? Again, the ground quaked— it was a rumble of sorts and, now […]

A Path

A Path An uncharted path hid-den beneath pristine white snow —a blanket spread —a quilt of dazzling snowflakes      knitted without a needle or thread. Many paths that we walk in life we never intentionally set out to traverse. Many paths were invitations we may not have accepted YET—the way we had to find […]

Drops of Color/ What Song

Drops of Color What Song? Sing to me… What song is being sung in you? Are you blowing through the saxophone? Are you caressing the piano keys? Maybe you’re strumming the strings of the guitar or tapping the skin of the drum with wooden sticks. Are you sounding a trumpet? Perhaps you are holding the […]

Unknown Hour

  Unknown Hour The branch holding you for so long knew it was ‘time.’ The ring inside this tree’s sturdy trunk forms another circle like each tick on a clock. Letting go, you waffled left, then right. For a few moments, you hovered in the air like a ballerina completing a pirouette. You fell landing […]