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Book of Hours/ 1:00 a.m.

Book of Hours/ 1:00a.m. A finger pointing at the moon is not, the moon.  The finger is needed to know where to look for the moon, but if you mistake the finger for the moon itself, you will never know the real moon.  The teaching is like a raft that carries you to the other […]

Book of Hours/ Mid-Night

Book Of Hours Introduction Time—a gift given to each of us at the moment of birth to walk along the path our creator has invited us to and to use each moment to honor our humanity and to stay faithful to the journey. The Book of Hours is one woman’s journey over the course of […]

Drops of Color/ Scapegoat

Drops of Color Scapegoat Atop a lofty crag —you skipped —you trounced —you grazed. Out of nowhere, they came. In their eyes, you saw an irrational intent, but, it was too late. They held you, they bound you, no matter which way you moved attempting to  flee, tighter and  tighter became their restraint. You let […]


Reeds I sat along the bank of a river. The reeds gathered themselves around me until my  body submerged itself in an unexpected baptism. Enraptured was I, becoming each drop of water. I stretched my body, a  chalice, in each direction. Pouring myself like droplets of rain, I fell pelting the pristine landscape. I rose […]

Drops of Color/ Let it be done…

Drops of Color Let it be done… You cannot see but,  there is a  small child behind this instrument. The ensemble kept calling to her. She was told, “NO, you’re a girl.” She took out ‘all’ the pots & pans. Grabbed hold of spatulas and wooden spoons. Oh, she played the drums. Yes, she did,  even […]

Night Divine

Night Divine (Excerpt from a Journal/ Camino St Francis September 2019/ La Verna, Italy) Night Divine Sometimes the moon is like a  white page…words splashed in ink become the black sky. The more numerous the words become… SOMETIMES they fill the page, they merge together so nothing can be read or understood except the light […]

Drops of Color/ Star of Wonder…

Season’s Greetings “We” Celebrate in ‘many’ ways AND “We” are infinitely One. Blessings of Holy Wonder   Drops of Color Star of Wonder… Beyond frozen, ice formations decorate a chilled window. Oh, holy night. Neatly splattered across glass, a million faces —each snowflake an image of a creator. Those gazing into the faces, a reflection […]


Behold The slender oar stroked the blue sparkling water —a matte rippling —a gentle wake leaving a trail      then disappearing. High above, beyond site, a rumble. Like a chisel striking marble —an avalanche. Giant sheets of rock pounding the terrain —a matte torn —hard impressions      re-creating the mountain’s face. The oar […]

Drops of Color/ Another…

Drops of Color Another… I struggle to place the word on paper. Another __________ I do NOT wish to speak it aloud! Something ‘within’ breaks like a dam unclogged from a river —it flows. Another SHOOTING Another Shoot-ing another shooting For too long, in my seemingly short life, I have listened.  Sometimes, I haphazardly tuned […]

Faith Road

Faith Road A lifetime of roadways marked clearly, most discovered on maps. All these ‘streets’ —traveled by many. Some of these roads, it seems, I have traversed a million times. Funny, really… Even after forging a way over and over, I see new ‘things.’ Were they always there? Maybe, Yes!  Perhaps, No! Why NOW do […]

Drops of Color/ Leap Frog

Drops of Color Leap Frog Remember the days of hide-and-seek, kick the can, red light green light? Do you recall tag-you’re-it, hop-scotch, and running through the sprinklers? Hour after hour of fun from sun up to sun down… No electronic devices found, batteries were not included…or even needed. The only ‘mouse’ discovered— the one scurrying […]

A Bridge I am…

A Bridge I am… My ten fingers hold starlight— they are ropes dangling from a celestial sky. No matter how deep the  darkness— the particles, the hues of a million galaxies allow the bridge, I am, to sway. And, no matter the storms let loose, my ten clay toes are the  boards creating the  walkway […]

Drops of Color/ Lean In…

Drops of Color Lean In… The table set — a lasting Supper… that IS what Thanksgiving has come to be—for me. Is this a poem?  Lean In… I often pause, held in the image of the  Beloved Disciple, Apostle of Apostles, leaning in to the One about to break bread, share from the same cup, […]

Your Thoughts

Your Thoughts Untie the strings gathering the bouquet wrapped around your thoughts. Breathe in the soft scents of the petals alive and  bleeding with colors. Let fall those fragrant soft shovels held around each pistil. Allow the flowers to submerge into the dwelling place that is you— until thoughts faintly visible begin to hear the […]

Drops of Color/ Empty Cupboard Shelves

Drops of Color Empty Cupboard Shelves Each item on the shelf waiting to be received. This cupboard full —the anticipation of food supplies     flying off these shelves     to feed others. Empty, empty, empty the cupboards. We can fill them again and again and again in hopes that one day we can […]

Small Town

Small Town In a small town, all the doors to homes and businesses were closed. No one was out walking the streets— even the traffic signals flickered, a steady red on, off, on and off. The church bells began to chime at the same moment the thunder struck. Rain fell on this small town. Suddenly, […]

Drops of Color/ Home…again

Drops of Color Home…again! Your garment changed in color as the Season swept in. You let-go. The branch from which you dangled, breathed a heavy sigh. Landing upon wooden boards, although you were not attached, you felt yourself at home. The connection—immediate. The veins in your paper-like flesh sought sustenance, yet it was no longer […]

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle The ocean surged and seemed to reach upward pulling at raindrops, plucking each one as if suspended from a vine. Standing on the ocean’s shore, seafoam, like a blanket, draped itself around my ankles. Drenched was I, unmovable. My feet inched deeper and deeper into the sand. The tide rushed in […]

Drops of Color/ Notes

Drops of Color Notes Sheets set ablaze. Scores of ballads ignited, yet not consumed. Every note a live ember rising. A perfect pitch lights the rafters overhead with music. An inferno of sounds cradles the room. A blanket of crescendos wraps around the listener. Spellbound, the piece stoked —a brief rest —a crisp pop —a […]

A Perfect Pitch

A Perfect Pitch… as one petal  unfolded into another launching the ‘inner’ symphony, one note after another played itself. The sweet scent perfumed the air as each bellowing trumpet unleashed an Alleluia… For this reason, the flower’s purpose, its sainthood revealed—short. Yet, the song eternal.

Drops of Color/ A Patch

Drops of Color A Patch The land —it was fertile. In early spring beneath the sun, the guides, they tilled and toiled. The aroma of the upturned soils mixed with manure —spread. Planted, were seeds set apart row after row. Great care given to this patch of land… An unspoken prayer delivered by hands. The […]

My Little Friend

My Little Friend His eyes do not see. My little friend drifts toward me as I call its  name aloud. Swiftly, a sailing vessel, my friend glides in the direction of my voice. Gently, I let the fruit ‘splash’ into the water’s depth. My friend’s tail sways left then right. Without seeing, my friend believes […]

Drops of Color/The Art of Unfolding

The Art of Unfolding Waiting     wait—ing. Slowly, without any need to push, prod, arch or bend, a change uncovers itself before the eye can see. A reality perceived— a lifetime of endless attempts, one pursuit after another. Then, sitting quietly, waiting, the ripened unfolding made manifest. There was no need to do anything. […]

Follow your heart…

Follow your heart… Throughout the years, a Sojourner —preparing, reaching, wandering, waiting, striving —aching, grieving, struggling, forgiving, receiving —pausing, refraining, serving, praying, offering— A path Opens… the heart discovers it was never closed. The unique sound of its beating, the heart recognizes and hears that same ‘beating’ in all living things. In this House of […]

Drops of Color/ Sets of Wings

Drops of Color Sets of Wings They wait. A soft breeze rises through the marsh —the wings ‘jostle.’ A storm making its way —the wings begin to dance.     THIS, the moments they live for. Gliding, whirling faster and faster —a song breaks into the clamor      of the monstrous roar —they meet. […]


Ignite Before you came to be, as you are now, a light was born in you. You radiated with a splendor set ablaze. Nothing could hold back your wonder and, so you burst into the world like a shooting star… This new place in which you found yourself was new— others carried your glow. At […]

Drops of Color/ Gather at the River

Drops of Color Gather at the River Remember the song? The hymn? Do you recall the reasons for the voices rising in harmony? Was there a reason? I am of the ‘ilk’ that all things do NOT happen for a reason. I gently hold we attempt to make ‘meaning’ of all things ‘flowing’— How do […]

Let me Be Peace

“Preach the Gospel  at all times. Use words if necessary.”                             ~~~Francis of Assisi Let me Be Peace (Journal Entry on the Camino St Francis/Sept. 2019) In the heart of a city, lived a man whose song plays on… His journey was […]

Drops of Color/ We Arrived Before You…

Drops of Color We Arrived Before You… The forests fashioned. The jungles let down their brawny vines. Mountains wore caps of dazzling white tipping elegantly —igniting a widening avalanche. The sea opened. Separate streams pouring into an endless pool that seemed to hoist a fierce, fiery ball at dawn’s arrival. Deserts baked —an oven exposing […]

The Melody

The Melody The rippling sounds of the water moving swiftly are heard  beneath the bridge’s archways. The chiming of the church bells from the craggy steeple joined in the thunderous refrain playing itself in the mountain’s jagged peaks. Walking this path, the sojourner’s steps have done this a thousand times, if not more… yet, today—this […]

Drops of Color/ A Change

Drops of Color A Change There is a change in the air. The season has revealed its timeless face —Sun rising early —Reflections of the sea      in the blue skies overhead —The gulls cry      as the surf crashes into a shore      laboring for the sea’s salt      seeping […]

What of this path…

What of this path that speaks of my name and yet, of itself, it holds no identity. Beckoning to my Soul, it bids me, “Come, come…” The painted path enraptured within wooden pillars. Thousands of arms eased out from all sides adorned with green fraying leaves —they seem like kites      hovering effortlessly. Their […]

Drops of Color/ Dazzling Kernels

Drops of Color Dazzling Kernels The field was endless. Stepping into one of the rows, I softly made my way. The stalks reached toward the clouds. I crossed over into another row. Time passed. I lost any sense of direction —the sun, my guiding post. Here I was in  a corn field. I thought I […]

Spring Song

Spring Song I heard your song for the longest time. I sat—listening. A pen in hand, your notes became words on this page. Still, it did not end here… No, it actually began when the words began to create your image. Colors lit the page— your song discovered a new pitch. Your wings fanned out, […]

Drops of Color/ Who Wins?

Drops of Color Who Wins? Victory will resound only when, together, we collectively ‘win.’ There is a time for  everything as the writer of Ecclesiastes pens. We weep, we laugh. We, mourn, we celebrate. We sing, we sit in silence. We pray ONLY to allow  love to guide us.    

The Cantor

The Cantor The fulcrum held —effortlessly left —precisely right. It was not time that set the balance of hours of light and others of dark. It was the seamless garment of creation pulling back the covers. Then, the Cantor arrived needing no invitation. The Cantor shook the stars… Yes, each and everyone as well as […]

A Sling

A Sling Metaphorically became a cradle… Mother Earth wrapping herself around her child’s wounded limb. The fall was great. The limb took the brunt of the storm. There still lingered moments of the unknown. What took place before the tree, I am. What tree describes me? Is it the Oak?  My leaves changing in extraordinary […]

Drops of Color/ For her…

Drops of Color For her… I have written those two words innately—‘for her.’ Only now these two syllables burn into this page like commandments engraved on stone tablets—‘for her.’ For her— the ink spills from this pen or is it a river flowing from the corners of my eyes? I wrote ‘for her‘ —the girl […]

Drops of Color/ In This Town

Drops of Color In This Town Somewhere in this town, You are. I am not certain I will find you, but I know You see me. You often lead me to places “I Think” you could never be found. Then… I find you —on every corner —in between alleys —on each cobble stone  walk —dangling […]

The Sound of Bells

The Sound of Bells Quietly listening, I heard the sound of bells being played by the wind. One soft chime— its echo lasting as  another breeze pulses through the dangling metals. Within, the chimes have found the sacred center of my Soul. Silently, I sit humming a wordless refrain. The sound of bells lingers in […]

Drops of Color/ Cornerstones

Drops of Color Cornerstones These stones… I continue creating —archways —windows —bridges These stones carry stories as they were —rolled into place —hauled, lifted, chiseled. Is there a cornerstone holding them in place? Is that what I am attempting to find as I draw yet another ‘stone’ edifice? How is it these structures still stand, […]


Inside… a beacon of light. A lighthouse staggered within rocks, a sea curling beside its halo. Miles away, the casting beams reach vessels adrift. But, this vessel is in port. It cannot see the light inside itself…like one cannot see into one’s own eyes. The light is visible only to the One who sets it […]

Drops of Color/ Rosie

Drops of Color Rosie… rises on all fours. Tiny paws already revealing the size this pup will one day be. A tail swings back  and forth like a metronome especially when she hears her name spoken aloud. A soft step followed by a playful tumble. Now she rumbles into a pair of limber legs. Arms […]

Who’s There?

Who’s There? You again… I heard you rush in. You are welcome  even when you seem to topple over things, beings and me! Tonight, you have picked up your pace. I hear the branches outside clicking, clacking, some breaking…then the sound of a loud thud touching down —enveloped in earth. Eyes closed…this is the last […]

Left Handed…

Left Handed Left handed… right handed… the memory retains the shape, the formation of consonants and vowels. Spelling words out with the use of the non-dominate hand —a challenge —an exercise of engagement. I am so mindful of my every breath as I curl an ‘e,’ as I inhale an ‘o.’ I linger a tad […]

Drops of Color/ Wedding Garment

Drops of Color Wedding Garment The garment —a natural design —a fit needing no alterations —feathers laid like a winnowing fan. A blue painted sky began the celebration. The wedding feast —an invitation to all. The trees let loose— The ground shook as sprigs of grass stood tall like towering steeples. Buttercups unraveled. Why, even […]

Let Me Flutter

Let Me Flutter A broken wing —still it fluttered. The passage of unmarked time. A soft veil torn beneath skin. A gentle hand dove in weaving torn strands clinging to this limb. Round and round a cocoon formed holding a branch clinging to this living tree of being. A wing, a limb, a branch, a […]