The flaps over my
pupils rise like
a lens of a camera
preparing for its
first ‘shoot.’

I’m encompassed
in a sea of
deep gray…
The shadowed outline
of furnishings
visible although
they stand aloof.

I turn
allowing my feet
to touch the floor
and, as I rise,
a sudden ‘creak.’

This time—
it is NOT the floor
No, it’s the crack
of an ankle bone
or a shoulder joint
as my arms reach
upward embracing silence
held within my
outstretched limbs.

I wake
with the realization
that this ‘body’
has gifted me
another day to dwell
inside its tent.

How we have played together…
Prayed together…
Worked together…

AND it gently,
although at times
harshly, reminds me
of its aging.

Its mellowing
pauses in this

Ever grateful—
beautifully conscious
of the mindfulness
I’m still blessed
to treasure—
and keenly
aware of those
nearest to me

to awaken
to a new life
beyond this present

I have no idea of that PLACE.

Still, one day I shall awake
and be here
no more—

Then, I will awaken
to the eternal “Everything”
all around.

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