After awhile,
you begin to
’empty’ all
the hidden
‘treasures’ you’ve
been holding.

You no longer
need to put each
‘thing’ back in your

Maybe—you do not
need to put
any of the many ‘things’

For so long
these ‘keepsakes’
have been reminders
of adventures taken.

NOW—they have
become a part of
the woven tapestry
of your being.

Your pack—
it’s getting lighter.
You no longer
have to ‘carry’ the
world on your back…

You can walk SIMPLY
carrying ONLY
what is needed
for today.

8 replies
  1. Fran
    Fran says:

    Love this. Get rid of the clutter: the trunks of the old cards, the dust collectors, etc. Helpful. Thanks for sharing your art!

  2. Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie says:

    I’ve been working on simplicity these past 6 months, and this helps me greatly. Thank you! Awesome pic too!


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