Sails unfurled—
Like over-sized blankets,
they dangled from an invisible line.

Moving in the direction
of the wind’s speed,
a vessel ‘held’
enormous beams
strewn north and south…

a single line was painted
east and west.

The bridge
carried over the sea.

From the right,
the gaze was infinite.

From the left,
an utterly distinct view.

Both angles revealed
something clearly ‘different.’

Both ends spoke a ‘truth’
from a ‘fixed’ point.

Differing views held this 
structure’s balance.

meeting in the middle
set the balance.

One side
did not speak to the other
reciting, “You’re NOT seeing correctly.”
No demeaning remarks hurled.

The bridge stood
encompassed from
polar, opposite ends


So others could make
their way in both directions.

The sails caught
a gust
and, speaking for
the wind,

it whispered,
“LET’S sail under.”

So many ways to travel

Can we find the 
balance to bridge
the divining gaps?

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